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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by oldpro1946, May 1, 2015.

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    I am cleaning the inside of my smoker after the first cook and it sure isn't easy.  They tell you not to use detergent but what do you all use that works well and gets the grease off?  I foiled the drip pan and water pan.  Grease over most of everything else.  Very tough to get off.  Could use any tips you have that will make cleaning the inside not such a big chore.  Thanks.
  2. I'm wondering if you fill the water pan halfway or so, and crank the heat up to max for about an hour (or a little more) and just let it kinda steam inside with the vent closed down to about 1/4... if it might be easier to wipe the residue off with a clean cloth after you've shut it off and let it cool to a safe temp for you to do so.

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  3. Most people don't clean the inside. The only things I have ever cleaned in mine are of course the racks and the window. I will occasionally scrape the ceiling off but that's all the cleaning it gets.
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    Like Hamrhead, I clean the racks (actually Mrs Bear does them), and I clean the Window in the door.

    And I keep the empty water pan foiled, and the bottom drip pan foiled. And whenever any loose stuff appears on the ceiling & the walls, I wipe them off so it doesn't fall on my food during a smoke.

    I also clean the heat sensors on the back wall & around them.


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