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  1. Just wondering if anyone has an easy way to clean this thing. What I've been doing is bringing out a tub of hot soapy water to the yard and cleaning it there but it's a pain in the butt. Does anyone have a quick and easy method for cleaning it? Cold water from the hose just makes all the fat/grease set up and stick on...
  2. I only knock off the flaky stuff with a paper towel every three months or so.  I do wipe down the outside with a shop towel and some greased lightning but that's about it.  I want the seasoning to help control temps and plug leaks.
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    My WSM is still fairly new, so I have not cleaned it yet. I have been thinking about doing it soon. My last vertical smoker I had, I used to power wash it on pressure high enough to knock the debris and any creosote off, but low enough to not damage the paint, etc.. I would also, light some charcoals to dry it, so I would avoid any potential rusting. I plan on applying the same practice to my WSM.

    I will have to try the greased lightning for the outside. Thanks for the suggestion Bama BBQ.
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    X2!!!  I've had my WSM for about 2 years and the only thing I've ever done is exactly what Bama said....except for that one time I grew some mold in there...then I used Simple Green and gave it a good scrubbing.

    No need to clean it every single're wasting good seasoning!

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    Agree on cleaning only when needed. I usually clean mine every 6-12 months depending on how much I have used it. The only things that I clean regularly are the grill grates and water pan.

    For the water pan, I normally line it with heavy-duty foil when I cook, so cleanup for that is easy and will spray it out good with a garden hose when I am done.

    The grill grates, i will scrub with a wire brush (same one you would use on any grill) as soon as I am done and while it is still hot (because it is easier when hot and fresh). If I have any meat still stuck to it, i will spray with the hose and scrub.

    That is all that I do on a regular basis.
  6. Sounds good guys, I wish I could fit the racks in my dishwasher. Now that I don't have to be concerned about keeping the actual shell of it too clean (aside from obvious nasties/outside tidy) I'm not so worried. I have a dedicated rubbermade tub for cleaning it. If I get hot enough water in it it's cake. We're talking about plumbing in a big washtub sink with hot water when we build our deck, that would be pretty sweet.

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