Cleaning grates, water pan, smoker boxes

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xblume, Aug 31, 2015.

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    I've read in some of the threads here that some members wash their grates and pans in the dish washer.  Do you go right from the smoker to the washer, or do you soak the grates and pans, scrub off everything that will come off, then wash in the dishwasher? (That's what I've been doing worrying that the dishwasher won't get everything off, then will bake it on during the drying cycle.
  2. If you've hand washed them, then I don't see that the dishwasher will do much more than that.

    I've discovered that these work amazingly.    They are better than the ones you can get at the grocery store.    Almost everyone knows someone who knows how to get Norwex.   Or you can order online.,771,202.aspx#overview

    When I use these everything comes off my grates with no more scrubbing than you would do with a normal cloth and dish.  Its darn near effortless.    And it you do a little extra it will take your grates back to looking brand new.   Not that I bother with that, just making the point that they do with little work.   I can't believe how much less work it is using these.   It just comes down to right tool right job.

    Oh, they also work inside the box.   They scratch a little if you try to go too hard, but they will take it back to looking factory new if you keep working at it.   Again...why would you bother going back to silver.    Just saying its easy to take that much off.    And no chemicals.
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    Thanks!  I'll have to try it!
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    If my grates are really greasy I will scrub them and then put them in the dishwasher. The only reason I use the dishwasher is to get the small amount of residual grease that scrubbing missed. I put them straight in one time and they didn't get cleaned and left grease in the dishwasher. 

    The other options for really bad grates is putting them in the oven on the self clean cycle. It will cause your house to smell a little but it works great. 
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    Pressure washer for me.
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    I take my rods and grates to carwash about once a month!  Then when get home spray them with bleach and water just to make sure rinse and dry them!
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