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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sweeby, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. sweeby

    sweeby Newbie

    Our DIY smoker has a glass window in the door which we love and appreciate as it lets us view the thermometer and smoking conditions without opening the door. But after our first two smokes, it's not so easy to see through... I know oven cleaner will get off the gunk, but I don't want to leave the smoker smelling like Easy Off, or even to use those harsh chemicals unless necessary.

    Anyone got any recommendations for safe, effective and non-nasty cleaners?
  2. beer-b-q

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  3. ronp

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    Get some rubing alcohol and mix just a few drops of Dawn with it. When clean use the stainless cleaner in the above link, works great.
  4. sweeby

    sweeby Newbie

    Thanks - I did see that stainless cleaner in the link, but we're not Sam's members and I've never seen it in person. We'll check our local the restaurant supply warehouse to see if they have some --

    But Dawn & rubbing alcohol we have --
  5. ronp

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    That works but the stainless cleaner doesn't let it build up. Also if I see steam on the glass while smoking a quick 2 second wipe with a dry rag takes it right off.

    Here is a link to their site.

    Not saying that something else won't work though.
  6. tn_bbq

    tn_bbq Smoking Fanatic

    What about vinegar?
  7. daddyzaring

    daddyzaring Smoking Fanatic

    Viniger is a good natrual cleaner, if you need a little abrasive, add salt. You also won't have any worries with any kind of chemical smell or taste.
  8. smokinal

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    I found the easiest way is with a single edge razor blade. If you have one that has a holder it's even easier. You can get the holders at most paint supplies or Home depot. I have an MES with the glass door & even if it's dryed on it will come right off.
  9. masterfader

    masterfader Newbie

    All hale the Magic cleaner! I just used the Me. Clean magic Eraser on my MES analog smoker and I'm totally convinced. I spent an hour going through my smoker after 4 smokes and minimal cleaning. I didn't have to work hard at it but the Magiic sponge worked remarkably. I was just going to clean my door but after a few minutes I reslized how powerful the sponge is. I bought a box at Costco for really cheap. Granted...I went through the whole box but I'm pleased how clean my MES came out.
  10. cats49er

    cats49er Meat Mopper

    I've found that Rain-X will take a lot of things off glass that window won't touch. Takes a little rubbing ,but it cleans.
  11. cholla

    cholla Newbie

    For my MES, I take a bunched up paper towel and dip it in water, then dip it in a pile of ashes. Rub the window with that, the ash acts as an abrasive. Two or three paper towels and done. No chemicals. No expense.
  12. Ammonia, water, and Dawn dishwasher soap.   Spray onto the glass and wiped with a blue Scotch Cleaning Pad will quickly remove any residue that would be on the glass.

    Works Great...Rinse with clear water and dry with paper towels.

    Good Luck, 


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