Cleaning Cast Iron Grates

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  1. I was looking for an easy and effective way to clean the cast iron grill grate on my Char-Griller Acorn  . Well here is what I have been doing and it does a real nice job .

    First I bought a brush (I think it was at Home depot ,if not lowes) it is very simple but works good and has nice heavy duty bristles that don't fall apart . It is the type that is black and has the small handle on top and costs only $2.95 . Next I got at bottle of grill cleaner ,the non toxic stuff . Last but not least a small hand steamer .Bought a Haan from Amazon ,works great . What I do is start off with a quick brushing and spraying of the grate .Then spray again and let sit for about a minute .Take steamer and use included metal brush attachment to steam and brush down the grills .Stuff just falls off . Do both sides and wipe with paper towel . I hate complicated and this really isn't ,sounds like it but not . You might need another oiling of the grate when finished but that's it . Oh yeah Haan was somewhere around $50.00 at Amazon and it has a lot of good uses around the house which you can use for justifying the purchase for those unfortunates who live with a whip .LOL  . Really is handy for household cleaning .
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