Cleaning a pellet smoker

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bobrap, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Didn't really know what to title this.  My questions are:  How often and how do you clean your pellet smoker.  What I'm interested in is the inside build up.  What prompts this is doing cold smokes.  Seems that once I've use hickory, that's all there is.  Seems like it over powers any other wood, say, apple or cherry.  Hope this makes sense or maybe my taste/sniff buds ain't what they used to be. [​IMG]   Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.
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    I use a hardwood pellet mostly oak, I do sometimes use hickory, apple or something in the smoke tube. I clean mine (Rec Tec) every few cooks depending on what I made it may be more often. I foil the drip pan so it is easy to see when I want to change out the foil. I will usually clean out the fire pot at the same time, only vacuum it every other month or so.

    The only time I really notice an off taste is when I use certain seasonings, Tatonka Dust which I love, for some reason leaves a lingering flavor in the cooker that finds itself on to the next cook or two unless I swap out the foil.
  3. I clean my PRO after every long cook. Ribs, brisket and butt. A high cook, steaks, not so munch.

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