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  1. I was just mixing up a batch of my BBQ sauce and I decided to add a little cinnamon...

    Anyone ever try that?

    If so how did it turn out?

    As it sits on the stove top at a simmer mine smells mainly of cinnamon.....I'm kinda scared!
  2. bmudd14474

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    Its a strong spice that many use to add a kick. It should be ok. If its too much you will know for next time.
  3. Agreed and I am hoping that it just smelled so strong of cinnamon due to the fact that it was simmering. I am hoping that after a chill in the fridge all the flavors come together. I guess we will see tomorrow!
  4. mdboatbum

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    I often add a little cinnamon and nutmeg to my sauces. I think it gives a nice earthiness. A little (like 1/4 teaspoon) does go a long way, however. Let us know how it turns out!!
  5. rbranstner

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    I always add a little bit of cinnamon to my rubs and I love the taste that comes through on my pork.
  6. venture

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    Yes, it can be strong, but a little cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice can give you a nice mediterranean slant on many dishes.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. alaskanbear

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    Almost all of my rubs/marinates contain fresh ground nutmeg and/or cinnamon, it adds a diffinate flavor but as stated prior, a little goes a longs ways.

  8. fife

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    Sounds good
  9. scarbelly

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     Yup - count me in the adding cinnamon group too
  10. eman

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    Not much on cinnamon but i use nutmeg in allmost everything.

  11. Thank you to all who have weighted in on this. To answer boatbums statement of how it turned out.......My opinion is this.....First I think I may have put a bit to much cinnamon in my sauce. It didn't turn out definitely had a distinct cinnamon flavor that kind of masked the other flavors I usually get out of my sauce. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great.....I personally probably won't try the cinnamon in my sauce again.
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  12. oldschoolbbq

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      Jacobita, your rub sounds interesting[​IMG]. I use another(mexican) spice in mine;ground Clove. Add it to your taste and match it to meats you cook[​IMG].

    You can get too much spice and the meat flavor is overcome.Don't use Cinnamon and clove together,it would make your meat taste like a Pumpkin pie!

      Play with other spices too,put something together that you and your crowd like;but too many strong ones will kill the subtleness you want.Look through Mexican cook books and find odd spicec you've never tried,mix a small batch(writting notes on how much and what you do). You may suprise youself and come up with a fine rub. Don't be shy, smelling it can give you an idea of it's taste(old cooks secret)and try it on cheap meat first(like Chicken ,small Chuck roast,Pork trimmings and so forth;don't ruin an expensive piece of meat on an experiment.

      Also,some people tend to get bad taste from cinnamon(you reputation is at stake here-I know you have some that you are the bomb at backyard Smoking)so plan before you jump[​IMG]

      Stan   aka   oldschool

    Have fun and...
  13. Thanks for the advise oldschool! And I am just wondering where you found my rub recipe? I don't remember posting that on here not that it's a big deal it isn't that complex LOL!
  14. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Jacobita,guess it was a Prozac day[​IMG]

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