Cinder block pit for whole pig roast..*revised due to thieves*

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by webowabo, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    ** see post #14 for revised pit due to thieves***

    I think I have settled on a design for the cinder block pit for a whole pig roast. Im probably thinking way to much into a rectangle pit of blocks, however, I had my dad weld me a VERY sturdy grate (a little over kill but I wont ever tell him that) so I had to do a design build around the grate so no feelings get hurt if he comes by for the pig roast in 3 weeks.

    This is only a temporary step up, it wont stay on the bare concrete, I was warned it would crack the concrete.. thanks Dave

    Ill layer with some sand, a metal sheet, and some more sand on top of that. 

    I plan to line the bottom and maybe first two chords of blocks with foil. 

    Im hoping its not too big. I plan to do anywhere around a 60lb -70lb pig. 

    Im assuming just more fuel to compensate for the larger pit?

     have some spare metal that would work perfect for covers on both sides. make it easier to load more fuel Im thinking. 

    there are not any vents down on the bottom, I might turn some bricks over, but close up the corners dont seal up totally so that might be a good vent in my advantage. I could also slide the metal sides over if I need more air ?

    Ill just use some plywood with foil on the bottom as a lid...

    i just put these boards up trying to imagine how it would look sealed.. the corner blocks in these pics have the holes, but I will change to solid ones to better block any more air flow. 

    This will be my first pig, and also my first time to cook on a pit like this.... Ive tried to research as much as I can.... and I think I am set.... 

    but I know there are many great minds out there and you guys that have used these pits or close to it many times, I have open ears for any advice... about the pit.. the pig.. any thing! 

    Once I find a pig, and get closer to the cook, I plan to start a whole new thread (or just use this one) for some deeper questions about the pig cook process..

    thanks in advance for any thoughts, comments, laughs.. etc 

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  2. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    Nice job Mike.. I'd think you can get all the airflow you need from the sides but we'll see what the experts say. I could see you needing a few more bricks or something to hold up the metal to the sides from falling over and allowing you to slide it side to side.

    You'll have to waste some wood doing a test burn in it to see what kind of temps you're dealing with huh?
  3. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    I would like to temp test run.. but I will wait and see if anyone thinks i need to. Almost every video, and sites Ive read, it uses about the same amount of fuel (give or take the wood chunks to desired smoke) about 6-7 bags (18lbers) of charcoal for the whole cook. so it seems pretty consistant through out. I might need more depending on how much bigger the grate vs the pig size? 

    and I figured I would have some extra blocks laying around just incase breakage or heat crumble, etc.. but I know what ya mean to hold up the side doors. 

    thanks keith :)
  4. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Pit looks great, you should do great, our Fire Dept. does  Chicken  that way and it turns out good.
  5. fwismoker

    fwismoker Master of the Pit

    Oh I figured you would burn some splits down to coals for fuel.
  6. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    Thanks.. a little confidence boost :) Im gonna need it as I get closer to the date!
    never done wood  before so I figured the first time just stick to what I kinda know keith. would hate to have temps all over the place for 8 hours... ya know. Ill set this up in the backyard after and get to playing with some wood. specially when winter roles around.  Double the function of the pit :) 
  7. Mike

    Did you say pig or cow???

    that pit is huge!!!

  8. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    Im Texan! ;)
    Every thing is bigger in texas ;) the grate is 60x30... how ever the angle iron border makes its tough to go under and on top of the grate for a smaller pit and still get a good seal
  9. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    and someone stole the (#&$(&@(*#&$(*& grate.... grr.... and broke half my cinder blocks.. its like they ran over it to get the grate .... :( 2 weeks away.... 
  10. raastros2

    raastros2 Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    my kind of pit! so easy to control whats gettin cooked faster or slower cause of the way you can shovel coals in or out
  11. raastros2

    raastros2 Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    sayy whatt comeee on
  12. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    did a double take on my last post eh??? sooooo mad right now. I got enough problems... I dont need to rebuy, rebuild, and rethink a stupid pit :p people suck sometimes (not any of yall of coarse) 
  13. raastros2

    raastros2 Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Yeah....that's beyond f****d up
  14. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    Well, I had to fab up a rebarb style grate... gonna be easier in the long run to flip the also made the pit smaller... which is better I think... still gonna do the same concept as my original post.. add a layer of dirt to help protect the concrete below.. and it looks like there are gaps at grate level... Ill make a special layer to seal it all up today out of some wood. 

    Just a rough idea... but 2 weeks away...

    Just found a local pig farm and the pig is $1.50per lb live.. I figure a 100lb will give me about 60lb dressed and butterflied.... 
  15. raastros2

    raastros2 Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    good recovery man...thats what its all about...make sure not release any warning shots if the punks come around its 2 to the chest and 1 to the head haha[​IMG]
  16. webowabo

    webowabo Master of the Pit

    A Triple tap.. ok. Usually the double will stop.. but one more for stealing my s&>\ even better. ; l

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