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  1. A Buddy of mine has a Large CI Griddle, Not sure of the Make. But anyway.

    The other day i was at his place and he was making Pancakes on it. One of his kids walked in and said something about eggs, and as fast as you could turn your head he had cracked two eggs on it. I didn't see him put anything down on the griddle for the cakes or the eggs.

    Now I have a few Griddles myself and love them. But god help me if I drop an egg onto one of them without some type of a grease before hand.

    I didn't want to seem like a moron and ask him about it. So i figured I'd ask here with the Anonymous factor backing me up.

    Is it possible to fry an egg on a piece of CI without any type of grease? Whether it be Butter, oil, lard, bacon grease, Something?

    If so, then I guess I have to season all my pans again.

    Anyone got any insight on this?

  2. bassman

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    I suppose properly seasoned and aged it would be possible. I prefer to at least use a spray of Pam or a little Crisco. Now you've got me wondering if it might work. Maybe I'll try it next time I do pancakes.
  3. My grandmother had a cast iron pan that she used at least twice a day, never got washed that i know of. Cook you'r food, only use steel utensils in it so you continually pollish the inside, wipe it out with a towel and after time it will be slicker than any teflon coated frying pan. If you have to wash it never use soap and reseason afterwards. Normally if something sticks enough that it won't wipe out you can just get the pan hot and put some water in it to loosen it up, then wipe it with crisco and heat it up good and wipe out again.
  4. I have had the best luck making my CI non-stick by useing the least amount of heat possible to cook everything. I use a wooden scraper to rub the surface and polish it. If something does stick to it I scrub it with a plastic brush or boil water in it to loosen the stuff up but the wooden scraper usualy does the job. When I clean mine I just wipe it out with a paper towel, rinse with hot water, dry it and heat it up then apply a super thin coat of oil after its cool enough that it wont dry out the oil. Heating the CI sanitizes it so you dont need any soap.
  5. Agreed, I use my CI Griddle all of the time. But I couldn't fry an egg in mine without something in it first. Whether it be butter, oil or bacon drippings. But I need to put something on the surface first.

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    But I always wipe it down with oil. Blacksmith taught me to warm it then oil then let it cool. It draws the oil in. Of course if you heat water to clean it you do the same so you have to dry it well before you heat and oil.. ... never have not used something to cook though even though it is shiny. If it gets real cruddy wipe it down with coarse salt then re oil and season it. I like to use flavored oil like garlic EVOO to season with. Just cause I like garlic.
  7. I always season my Ci with Pure Lard or Bacon Dripping that have been squeezed through a Cheese cloth. I'll use a paper towel and smear them down inside and out with the Lard or drippings, then into the oven at 375 for 4 hours. turn the oven off and let cool to room temp. Then I'll warm the CI slightly on the burner and do a quick wipe of lard. Allow to cool and put a paper towel inside of it for storage. I avoi EVOO, and Vegetable Oil only because I like High Saturated Fats for seasoning.

    I always use wood or metal spatulas. And have only ever had to use Salt to clean it when i first got it. I felt that I had a damn good season on my Griddle but when i seen this Egg slide off my buddies CI Griddle without any type of grease on the pan I was in shock.

    Guess I'm just going to have to man up and ask him what he's doing with his pan that made that possible. Even if I do look stupid in the process. (I'm normally the one he's calling for answers to questions)

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    I suppose it is possible to have your CI seasoned that well. I know my are seasoned but not good enough that I can fry an egg without putting something down first.

    Maybe he already had some pam or something on it and you just didn't notice?
  9. A newbie on this forum, but an oldy with castiron campovens (in ozz)
    When I purchase a new oven, griddle or frypan (all el cheapo Asian) the first thing I do is get all of the grease/preservative off then spend a good hour with the 4" angle grinder getting the cooking surface(s) as smooth as possible. Finish off with 400grit wet and dry (used wet) paper.
    Once this has been achieved it is very well seasoned, at least a couple of times before cooking.
    As we all know, the more you use CI, the better the "patina" developed on the surface, and as mentioned in these threads never use any soap or detergent when cleaning.
    I have a 12" griddle which I often fry eggs on without any fat/oil/butter, and the egg will slide or lift right off.
    Pancakes, pikelets all the same, the batter just will not stick if the surface is so smooth, the black patina nicely developed and the temperature is judged nicely (not too hot).
  10. Thnx for the tips. i'll have to break out one of my least used pans and see how smooth I can get it.

  11. bigbaldbbq

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    I may have to try that. I just picked up a 4 1/2 angle grinder last night from Harbor Freight for $20.00.

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