CI Apple-Berry Pie, Wine sauce Brined Chicken, Truffled Seasoned Potatoes on the #KamadoJoe with ma

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  1. On the cook today (while SWMBO is working away), is Brined Seasoned Chicken thighs in white wine sauce. Kamado Joe poultry seasoning was used, along with an alcohol free white wine as the simmering base. Additionally, roasted fingerling red potatoes drizzled with black truffle infused oil, liberally sprinkles with Kamado Joe Vegetable seasoning. Lastly a Apple-Blackberry pie, prepared with an orange tequila and Jack Daniels honey sauce is prepared. The mixture of Apple, Orange, Honey, Blackberry and various spices will give the pie a complex taste which should stand up to any main course. The apples and berries were simmered separately and then combined in the pie shell. The sauce was thickened with corn starch prior to pouring over the fruit in the shell. All three dishes are currently on the Kamado Joe Big Joe using the extended rack and ceramic stones to even out the heat.

  2. The main dishes plated. The chicken turned out nicely juicy, the brining gave it a nice salty savory flavor. The potatoes were done at the same time as the chicken, and right at the perfect level of tenderness.
    The pie is currently setting for 15 minutes before slicing, which is fine, it is time to eat chicken!

    Also the final shot  the of the pie, a la mode.

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    Good looking supper!
  4. Man great job !!   Where is mine ?

  5. Well it is currently in Arizona, come on down and we can fix something really good Gary!

    It is always grilling weather in Arizona, just during the summer you don't need briquettes to hold 225 or hotter.
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    Looks like a fantastic meal. Did you smoke the pie? What wood did you use. How long, and at what temp?

  7. The heat source was part of the experiment.  I had been told that coconut shell charcoal had no real smoke flavor to it, and wanted to know if that was true.  I picked 3 types of food where even the faintest taste of smoke would be noticeable.   The coconut shell charcoal imparted no smoke taste at all.  Which if you want to control your smoke profile entirely through your wood chunks is a good thing.  Cook temp was 350, cook time was about 1.5 hours. 

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