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  1. RIb eye, T-bone, almost all steaks will be ok with just salt and pepper.

    However, there are some beef cuts that one may need to trade tenderness for "FLAVOR FILLED, or FLAVORFUL".

    Here is what I mean; skirt steak is typically going to be tough and chewy but if one does not mind the trade off from tender steaks we can enjoy a really, really good meal.

    Here is a recipe that will render a very nice and very flavorful meal:

    Tonight I have made time to do this post because I am really feeling that I need to share the following since I have been a "taker" for so long.

    Time to give back a little.

    Now that my apologies are out of the way, here it goes.

    Churrasco as I know it from Puerto Rico, where my job takes me quite often is a real treat!

    I begged a waiter for several years for the recipe for their churrasco at Mike's Steakhouse in San German, P.R. but he did not feel he was authorized to divulge the recipe.

    This past year I sought out the cook and asked him for the recipe and he obliged!

    My problem had been that beef skirt was not available in my small town. I finally found some skirt in a neighboring town. Cooked it again tonight on a (hate to disclose the fact) 10" black skillet on stove top in the kitchen.

    You must try this Recipe! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Skirt steak (1- 1 1/2lb)

    3 large garlic cloves

    red wine vinegar

    soy sauce

    olive oil

    kasher salt

    finely crushed fresh peppercorn

    1) No need to trim steak.
    2) Place crushed fresh garlic over entire surface of all sides of steaks.
    3) Sprinkle a good dash of red wine vinegar, this will tenderize it a good bit!
    4) Add a bit of soy sauce to steak.
    5) Apply some olive oil to all steak surface.
    6) Just a little bit of kosher salt and finely ground peppercorns.
    7) Just a very little garlic powder.
    6) Let it all marinate in the fridge.
    7) Get a black skillet good and hot with some vegetable oil.
    [​IMG] Drop your steak onto good and hot skillet and cook to desired doneness (med/rare works for me)

    Enjoy and encourage others to try!
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    Recipe is not very specific, but looks about normal and tasty to me?

    Skirt and flank are cuts I like cooked hot, fast, and to med rare.

    Others may have differing ideas?

    Good luck and good and good smoking.
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    Thx for the recipe

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