Chuckles going on in the morning....

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ccpropilot, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Greetings smoking friends! I am throwing 6.07 lbs worth of chuckies on the smoker tomorrow morning. Right now they are bathing in some worschtershire and before bed I'm gonna pat them dry, rub them with SPOG.

    Smoking with mesquite and cherry wood at 225 until IT is 165. Then foil. (does anyone take a Chuckie to 205 with no foil???).. Then I am going to foil and take to 205. Pull them. Question is: I LOVE soflaquers finishing sauce on my pulled pork. Anyone use any type of finishing sauce on chuckies? I can't wait. This is my first Chuckie smoke. Ive mastered the pork butt and wanna try a Chuckie before I throw a brisket on the ol wsm! Thanks guys! You all have created quite the hobby for me. My wife is not real fond of my new addiction! Will post qview tomorrow!
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    What kind of wife doesn't like her man to cook?!!!! [​IMG]   My wife says that of all the things on her wish list in a man, she did NOT have "likes to cook" on that list.  She got that in me anyway, and she loves it!  (BTW, that preference IS on my daughters' lists, along with must love guns, fishing and hunting!)  Can I raise 'em right, or what?  [​IMG]

    Looking forward to your Q-view!
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  3. Thanks Adiochiro!!! My wife does not eat much in terms of meat. She is more of a pasta/salad/fruit/eggs--->HEALTH NUT :)  I could eat chicken for breakfast, pork for lunch, and beef for dinner haha. My first child is on the way, and my smoking hobby started while she has been preggo---in other words, her tastes are a little off :) Things I think are AMAZING she will say..."its OK, but the fruit salad is awesome!" LAME!  Chuckies seem to be a nice forgiving meat, so I think this will be amazing. Gonna spritz with apple juice as the day goes on. Will post pics tomorrow!

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    Looking forward to the Q-view!
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    Keep us updated throughout the day.    I'm smoking my first Chuckie on July 1st.

    Question:  What cut of chuck did you get?
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  6. Jim-- I bought a two pack of chuckies from sams club. Choice cut, 6.07 lbs total weight, cost was $16.08! About to do my first qview as they went on at about 8:15am cst.

    At about noon I'm gonna throw some ABT's on. Lookin forward to it! Stay tuned for qview.
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    ABT?   Good luck. Cant wait to see picts
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    This morning was a long time ago?  any updates?

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