Chuckie Smoke on IPT (Q-view)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by rc1991, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. rc1991

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    So finally had a chance to smoke a chuckie today for dinner on the IPT pellet grill and was very impressed with the results. Rubbed with a combination of salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic powder, basil, thyme, and some  Northwoods seasoning from Penzy's Spices. Also injected with some worcestershire and A1. Managed to dial in the IPT to a grill temp on the smoke setting and then using the P settings to adjust.  Put the chuckie on at 11:30 this morning and had a stall around 142* internal for about 1 1/2 hours. After about 6 hours internal was 160* so I put in a pan with some beer and covered with foil. Then for the last hour or so set the temp to 225 and P3 which gave a grill temp of 305 or so. Internal temp climbed to 203 and I turned off the IPT and left the pan on the grill during the cooldown. Sliced and served - was very tender, moist, and very good!




  2. fpnmf

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    Looking real nice!!

  3. adiochiro3

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    Nice smoke ring ya got there!  Well done -- so to speak.  [​IMG]  

    I couldn't help but notice you grate; is that mesh galvanized?  If so, you might want to change that out.  Galvanized + heat + food = bad.
  4. teeznuts

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    Looks delicious. Just smoked one myself
  5. rc1991

    rc1991 Smoke Blower

    Thanks! The grates themselves are porcelanized but the chuckie was sitting on a frogmat (non-stick) that I had on top of the grate.
  6. tjohnson

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    WOW, What A Nice Smoke Ring!

    Looks Great

  7. tyotrain

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  8. meateater

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    Now thats a smoke ring! [​IMG]
  9. smokinal

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    Awesome smoke ring!   [​IMG]
  10. raptor700

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    That's an unbelievable smoke ring [​IMG]

    Very nice chuckie

    Thanks for sharing [​IMG]
  11. Holy Smoke Ring.....looks like you put it on with lipstick!!!! Great looking chuckie...just call if you need help with the leftovers!!![​IMG]
  12. africanmeat

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  13. Smoke ring by Revlon. That looks delish.
  14. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks Great, Nice Smoke Ring...
  15. rc1991

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    Thanks guys! Just had the leftovers tonight - was even better than the first round as I think the juices made it even more tender when re-heated. Definitely more of a smoke ring with the chuckie than with the ribs I did y'day (ribs were done with maple pellets and the chuckie with mesquite).

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