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Discussion in 'Beef' started by acd4476, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. acd4476

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    going to try a chuck roast this friday for the ncaa tourney as im having some buddies over and nothing better than some good beef and beer.  i already plan t smoke between 225 and 250, wrap at 165 and take to 205-210 for pulling . however, i have read that some individuals put a foil pan underneath to catch the dripings.  im using an MES and wonder if this wil affect my smoking temps and what everyone elses thoughts were. thanks!
  2. dutch

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    acd-if you have the room to place a foil pan under the chuckie-go for it. Make sure that your pan is large enough to catch the drippings but still small enought to allow the smoke get to the meat.  Hopefully a long time MES user will hop on here and let you know what/how they do it.
  3. smokinal

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    I usually put an aluminum drip pan on the bottom grate with beef broth, onions, & garlic cloves in it. You can also add a little worsey to it. Put the chuckie on the second or third grate. When you foil it use some of the drippings in the foil for moisture.
  4. I like to do what Al does, too, and those drippings and resulting foil-time "elixer" becomes
     the base for a sauce, like gravy! The best pot roast you'll never cook in a pot!

    Unfortunately, I don't own an MES smoker, but a WSMC, so the dynamics may be a bit different.
  5. rbranstner

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    The drippings are awesome. Save them if you can.
  6. scarbelly

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    My SmokinTex is very similar to an MES and I also do what Al does with my chuckies. After the smoke, I take out the onions and put them into a frying pan and carmelize them. I add a little Johnnies Au Jus to the broth and it makes an awesome dip for the sammies.  Good luck and have fun 
  7. chef willie

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    Lots of good advice above. My first chuckie I followed Bearcarvers tutorial and it came out great. Suggest you read it for some spot on advice....Good luck, have fun and let the good times roll
  8. arnie

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    The only thing I do different that the advice above is I quick chill it to skim the fat.

    Then I add a little AJ and/or low sodium beef broth before I add it back or use it for Au Jus or gravy.  

    Sometimes, if I have plenty leftover, I freeze it in ice cube trays.

    3 or 4 cubes in baked beans adds a great flavor
  9. oneshot

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    I pretty much do the same as described above except when I foil I add cherry juice, it really seems to give the meat some great flavor... I also smoke with cherry wood....  [​IMG]      Don't forget to post pics of the smoke.....

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