Chuckie Burnt Ends

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  1. I made some Chuckies a while back, when I was shredding them I decided to make some of the bark heavy edges into burnt ends. They turned out really well, so well, that now I routinely make all of my chuck roasts into BE's. The advantage over a brisket point is less time, it also gives an option to make everything in the smoker into burnt ends as opposed to only part as is the case with a packer brisket.

    I started with 2 Chuckies 2.38 and 2.49 lbs. and rubbed with Montreal Steak. I used Ozark Oak lump in a WSM equipped with a flower pot saucer and no water in the pan..Smoke woods were Hickory and Apple.

    Cut up red and green bell peppers and celery and added low sodium beef broth minced onion and minced garlic. Other peppers I have used include Poblano and Jalapeno. I cut the peppers in large chunks so they will hold together during the long smoke. I use low sodium broth because it will get plenty of salt from the juices dripping off the rubbed meat. This will go on under the meat on the lower rack to catch the drippings.

    Put it on the smoker along with some brat's for lunch. Temp goal is 225 to 250 but I started out a little hot

    Brats are done.

    After the brats were done I let the temp rise to 275. Checked at 5 hrs and IT was 175 put them in the roasting pan which had been catching the drippings and put the lid on.

    I raised the temp at this point to 325. After an hour covered the IT was 205 so I pulled them.

    After a 30 min. rest to make them more sliceable, I cubed them. They were very tender and juicy. Here's one chucks worth of cubes

    I strained out the veggies and put them back in the roaster. Then I defatted the au jus. Then I put the cubes back with the veggies and added enough au jus to moisten the cubes. At this point I usually add more rub but this time opted to just add more black pepper, finally I added a light coating of commercial BBQ sauce. Then back on the smoker, no lid at 225 to 250.

    Left them on the smoker for 1.5 hrs stirring occasionally so that all surfaces spend time on the top where they can absorb smoke and heat, and down below absorbing the sauce.

    And here's the final product.

    Tender, juicy and very tasty, thanks for looking.
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  2. Wow, what a great idea for burnt ends...sounds like great ingredients and looks amazing!
  3. dj mishima

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    I'm going to try this some time. Brisket has been kicking my butt lately.
  4. bruno994

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    Looks good.  Nice idea too!  DJ, what's been beating you up on the briskets?
  5. bearcarver

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    I love this idea!!!

    Got it on my "To-do" list !!


  6. humdinger

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    This seems like a great way to jazz up chuckies. Going to try it for sure.
  7. I think you'll love them Bear!

    The basic burnt end technique is very versatile. I have adapted this technique by substituting sausage, and even pulled pork, never had it turn out to be anything but great. Got the idea for the pulled pork from this thread thanks FishinChik!  Made the pulled pork version for our monthly smoke at work and it was a big hit. I called my version twice smoked pulled pork.

    Here's the sausage version going on the smoker at work. I pre-cook, pre-smoke the sausage and as you can see I add lots of peppers and onions.

    Didn't get a finished pic, but here's the leftovers, I think they liked it[​IMG]

    Next time I think I'll add sausage to the chuckie burnt ends.

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