Chuckie and Grilled Pineapple and camera issues (owner)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by garyinmd, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Was in the grocery store awhile back and they had a BOGO sale, picked up a couple of Chucks for the smoker.  This post will go from this picture to the end due to the fact that I screwed up taking pictures "AGAIN".  Turns out my old digital camera that finally died about a year ago had a small amount of internal memory so if someone (dumb ass guy typing now) did not have the SD card in at least you could get a few pics.  After the camera died I fount a good deal on a digital SLR at Costco so I picked it up.  Great camera but I found out the hard way that it has no internal memory at all.  Typically when I do a smoke I take pictures of the start, seasoning, smoker ready, etc. then while the meat is in the smoker I will take the SD card out and copy pictures to the computer to get a start on the process.  This is the 3rd or 4th time I forgot to put the card back in the camera and thought I was taking more pictures, was only getting practice pushing the button I guess.  The camera does show that the card is not in but because it's digital there is a bunch of other info shown and unless you look for it it's very easy to miss.  Going to tape a piece of paper to the monitor to remind myself "GET THE CARD STUPID".

    Anyway, on with the post short on Q-view.  Rubbed down the night before with JH Pecan rub, smoked with hickory pellets in the AMNPS.  Started with MES at 225 deg then raised to 240 deg after a couple of hours.  Foiled at 160 deg and took to 200, into cooler with towel to rest.  Total of nine hours in the smoker, 30minute rest in the cooler.


    While back in S. Dakota last month visiting our daughter and new granddaughter we went to one of the places where they walk around and carve the meat and other items as you want them.  They had some pineapple that the home boss loved so she wanted me to cook one on the grill.    Covered it with some brown-sugar put it on the rotisserie.


    SOOO, onto the finish, finally someone remembered to put the SD card back in the camera.  Home boss had picture of me taking the chuckie apart but it was when the card was missing so I know "never happened".  I had this done before the pineapple was ready so I put it in the oven that was already warm but I never thought to cover it with foil so a lot of the moisture it had plus the natural juices I saved, put in the freezer to de-fat and poured back on pretty much evaporated.


    Here's the spread, have the chuckie, pineapple, backed taters, cooked cabbage and homemade garlic toast.  Even though the chuckie dried out the flavor was still great.


    Picture of the pineapple sliced up.  I don't eat pineapple but the family all thought it came out great, will be doing one of these again.


    Thanks for looking and  putting up with the camera rambling and whining.

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    Looks delicious Gary!
  3. mballi3011

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    I have to agree with Al looks good. So how did the pineapple taste????
  4. garyinmd

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    Thanks Al, as soon as I opened the oven to get it out I knew I screwed up by not covering with foil, still had great taste.

    I don't eat pineapple, or a lot of things for that matter but enjoy smoking and using the grill, I will make or try pretty much what anybody wants.  I asked the home boss what temp she thought it should get to, no idea [​IMG] just said to get the brown sugar caramelized a bit and warm in the middle.  Put the charcoal tray down until the internal was around 110 then raised it up to finish the glaze.  Home boss, daughter and her BF all said it was great.
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    Well as with most whole cuts of beef ,  excluding tougher cuts like brisket,  You can go my the traditional Rare, MR, M, Done, Well Done , temps.  When I smoke Prime Rib I take it to 132-135 F internal temp for a nice rare to medim rare roast.     
  6. justpassingthru

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    Heh, heh, I thought I was the only one to do that, take some great pics, set down at the 'puter open the camera door and zip, nada, look around and there is the card still in the card reader.  [​IMG]

    Since I have done the same thing I believe you, I'm glad it turned out ok, ...thanks for the pineapple tip, never thought about cooking them on the rotisserie, gonna have to give that a try.

  7. garyinmd

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    Thanks Gene.  The first time it happened I knew they had to be in the camera, hooked up the camera to the computer could not find them, got the manual out and could not find anything.  Finally sent a email to the tech support group, I am sure the person was falling off their chair when they replied back "this model has no internal memory".  Oh well[​IMG] live and learn.

  8. bearcarver

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    All looks Awesome, Gary!!!!

    I love everything you got on that peninsula!!!!  Even the Oak edged laminated top!!!  [​IMG]

    Thanks for the views!!!


    PS: We used to forget the card in the computer, so we started taking the camera with us to the computer desk, and leave the little door open on the camera.
  9. justpassingthru

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    Yep, same thing, our cheapie camera had an internal storage of about 10 pics, like you said this, this new camera has stuff written all over the screen, soooo, I don't pay much attention to all of it.

    Hey Bear, .........who's we, you and the cat?  LOL

  10. scarbelly

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    Food is looking good man. I love me some smoked pineapple
  11. teeznuts

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    Awesome! I just bought a rotisserie for my gas grill at a Lowes that was closing. 50% off!!!! I saw a recipe for grilled pineapple in a Steve Raichlen book that was cooked on a rotisserie and I'm dying to try it.
  12. billyj571

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    Looks real awesome Gary. How long did you cook the pineapple?
  13. garyinmd

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    Thanks Bear, Scarbelly, just for the heck of it I took out the SD card, turned on the camera and the "missing card" was flashing and bigger than I remembered.  I guess I was to busy looking at the object and not paying attention to the warning.  There have been probably 3-4 posts that I did not do because I was missing too many pictures.  I am sure it could not have anything to do with the fact that smokin and Miller Lite go together so well.[​IMG]
    Thanks Teez, if you get a chance to look please reply back with the time and internal temp from Raichlen's book, it will help answer the question from billyj571 below and I will record for next time.  Been watching your posts, your on a hell of a roll buddy.

    Thanks billyj.  This is the first time I cooked one and was in the middle of trying to get everything else done and on the table so I wasn't paying much attention to time.  I use a spreadsheet to keep notes on my smokes but never though to add this for future reference. Best guess would be around 20-30 minutes as I was told by home boss [​IMG] that it only needed to be warm on the inside.  If I remember right I pulled it off when the temp probe read 110 deg.  See note above about smokin and Miller Lite. [​IMG]

  14. teeznuts

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  15. garyinmd

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  16. berninga87

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    Grilled pineapple....coated in brown sugar? [​IMG]  I'll have to give that a try, too bad you don't eat pineapple because that looks great! I didn't realize a chuck roast could be cooked to 200 and pulled like that. Is is similar to a brisket in that way?
  17. garyinmd

    garyinmd Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Chuck work pretty much the same way, you can slice at a lower temp (I never do but think around 180) or take to 200, rest in cooler then pull.  Different taste but good, mine just got a little dry cause I screwed up when putting in the oven to keep warm, should have covered it with foil.

  18. frosty

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    Good job Gary!  Looks like a wonderful meal. 

    My home boss loves pineapple, so I will have to try it too.  Thanks for the hint!!!

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