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  1. I bought a chuck roast from the store yesterday on sale.  This is the first time I have ever attempted a chucky.  I am thinking about making shredded tacos.  Anyone have any input or a good recipe for one of these little guys?
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    HERE's a search for "taco" in the beef forums.

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    Put a couple hours, 2-4, of Smoke on that Chuckie then follow this recipe from Tyler Florence. This is my families favorite and we make it a lot. The only change is Do Not add all the Extra Water the recipe calls for, 1 Cup is plenty or the sauce will be very watery and take forever to reduce. And add the Garlic with the Onions. If you add it with the Meat the garlic will burn and become very bitter and ruin the dish...JJ
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  5. Thanks all for your advice... I cooked my roast up last night.  This was my favorite thing I have smoked so far.  Half of it I sliced and the other half I cooked longer and pulled.  The flavor is unbelievably good.  I have been snacking on the sliced chucky like it is a meat dessert.  I am going to make the tacos tonight and throw a pork loin in the smoker.  The hardwood trees in the area need to be afraid... There is a new stick burner in town, and I am hungry. 
  6. [​IMG]

    sounds pretty good
  7. Sounds really good. Looks really...Oh wait no pics. I can't look.
  8. Sorry for no pics... I always get excited to throw stuff in and forget to take pics.  Next time....
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    Newbie mistake , forgot Q-views.
    Just have to do a "do over" with lots of pictures :biggrin:
  10. We'll forgive you. This time. [​IMG]
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    So i saw this thread and it inspired me to make a chuck roast as well.

    I coated in mustard and some Montreal steak seasoning and let that sit overnight wrapped up.

    Started at 2:30pm, finished at about 7:30 and then let it sit for an hour in the cooler.

    A little too much bark for me but it was good overall. Made a homemade salsa to go with it.


    And here it is all pulled apart


    overall a very tasty treat. Still working out the kinks on the smoker though
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