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  1. Was wanting to smoke up a chuck roast this weekend and hoping to make some French Dip sandwiches out of it.  I'm going to rub it down and smoke it up to 200 wrap and toss in cooler for a little nap.  I have two questions though I wanted to get some advice on.

    I've been "dry brining" or "salt curing" our steaks lately where you just put salt on them and put them back in the fridge for a few hours and let the salt draw the moisture out and then the meat sucks it  back in with the dissolved salt.  I've been very impressed with the flavor and tenderness this brings to the steaks.  I would assume this method would work equally as well on a larger chuck roast but perhaps with more salt and a longer sitting time in the fridge.  Has anyone ever experimented with this?

    The second question is the Aus Jus.  I plan to put a pan under the roast to catch the drippings.  I've read that after you are finished you put the juices in the fridge and then scrape off the layer of fat.  After that do I need to add anything to the juice for Aus Jus?  Beef Broth or Consume?  In the past we've done these in the crock pot with a few cans of campbells beef consume for French Dip Sandwiches.

    Thanks in advance, can't wait for this weekend to get here! 
  2. You can add about anyting you want to the pan drippings ar you can use the way it is. the leftover drippings I put in ice trays and freeze. Then put in a bag and back in the freezer. I thin use it in soups, stews, beans and anything else I can think of.

    Now I have a question. What have you found for a good french dip bread? The one I have been using I can no longer get. I have made my own french bread. But it is not quit as hard of a bread as I want.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thanks David I will see what we get for drippings and how it taste and go from there.   As for the bread, haven't really found much that we really love, usually just settle for some hoagie buns.  We live in a rural area and the biggest store we have around is a crappy Wal Mart. 
  4. I have lots of stores. Don't have any good frenh dip bread[​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

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    We usually pull our chuck roast for sammies, but something like Eye of round, we have sliced thin then run it thru some warm Au Jus in a pan. Really tenderizes the meat even more for sammies.

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  6. Here is a start pic and about 2 hours in at first refuel. 130 degrees now. Smelling great not much juice yet...[​IMG]


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  7. Well the final appearance didn't change much from above except a little bit darker.  I'm horrible at remembering to take pictures LOL.  I pulled the drip pan and dumped it into a bowl and chilled it for a while.  Scraped the fat off the top and mixed in a dash of dry rub and some beef broth I had in the fridge.  The Aus Jus  turned out really good!  Could really taste the smoke flavor.  The roast its self was very good also.  It had a little crust on it and pulled pretty easily.  This roast had ALOT of fat in it so I didn't get much meat out of it.  The French Dips were delicious so this smoke was a success!
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    And it looks real good. I want to try this with a big ol chuck roast soon!

    David , do you have a Panera bread near you?. They do a real nice baguette

    Flash , that roast looks great! I got a top round in the freezer that I'm dying to smoke...
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