chuck roast and rolls for dinner

Discussion in 'Beef' started by junkcollector, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Figured i'd go ahead and get started on dinner while my better half was in town getting some chuck roasts. Made up a batch of rollers amish bread and made rolls/buns. Boy did i time it wrong. She took her merry sweet time and the rolls are already done and the CR just went into the smoker. Chuck got a SPOG rub and in the smoker at 225 with mesquite. Going to pull it for sammiches once done. Here's some q-view to get started.

    Hope yall enjoy, I KNOW we're going to!

    Rolls in several different stages. Just had one with some butter and good grief, its dinner in itself.

    Getting ready for 1st rise.

    ready to bake!!!!!

    YUM YUM!!!!!!!!

  2. c farmer

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    Man them buns look awesome.

    I need to give my hand a try at bread making.
  3. go for it man. i use the KA to do the kneading. it is VERY simple to do it. nothing like fresh baked bread.
  4. c farmer

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    Problem is I cant use eggs.

    Oppps.  no eggs in this.

    I will try it.
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  5. well ended up having to pull it early. got to 158, just sliced it instead. 9pm and we're all hungry. shame the poor lil mes30 just couldn't do it. mightta been part to do with temp. only 25 outside. on a good day, i'd thought a 1.5lb piece of beef would have been up to temp. sure has seemed to gone a heckova lot quicker in past on huge sirloin tips. either way, don't matter to us, it turned out wonderful. wife wasn't liking the idea of pulled either, so i guess its all for the better.

  6. c farmer

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    Looks good JC.
  7. woodcutter

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    Nice!!!     [​IMG]
  8. reinhard

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    Delicious piece of meat!!! Great looking buns as well!!. Reinhard
  9. woodcutter, reinhard, thank you kindly. we really enjoyed it last nite.

    a special thanks to woodcutter too. after deciding on cr's for dinner, i KNEW i didn't have everything needed for Chef Jimmy J's famous au jus. sent a quick pm to WC and received wonderful advice. au jus turned out very well. i'm taking a break here at work this morning, enjoying some left over beef that's been soaking in au jus all nite, a nice 1/2 warm roll and a hot mason jar of coffee. WOW, talk about a breakfast of champions! Thanks again woodcutter!!!

  10. disco

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    Homemade bread and chuck! Wow, that sounds great.

  11. well come on down! you might need a vacation from that cold snowy north. got a 2nd one in freezer and plenty of chips. 
  12. disco

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    Har! That would help my reputation and ruin yours!

  13. java

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    Those rolls look amazing!!! any chance you would share a recipe?
  14. my reputation??!! HAHAHAHAHAHA, thats a good one sir. i'd have to ask *what reputation*?? hahaha[​IMG]  better git it while ya can, after i move, i'll be a lot farther away. since you say the above, my door is DEFINATELY open anytime your down this way!!! 

    Java, here is the link to the recipe i used.

    i do advise, read through all 4 pages. some good tips/advice on through there. 

    heres a few tips from me i used for this round.

    following somebodys elses lead on here ((sorry, dont remember who or i'd give credit where its due)), i turned my oven to the *warm* position and allowed my dough to rise in oven with a bowl of water. (((((only took 30 mins to more than double in size in oven)))))

    once rose the first time, i oiled my work surface and hands so i didn't have to add more flour to stop dough from sticking to my hands, punched down and formed into buns.

    let rise 2nd time in oven, once rose again, pulled, preheated oven and cooked. 
  15. disco

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    Your kindness is only surpassed by your skill!

  16. haha, flattery will get you nowhere. but keep it up, i like it!!! [​IMG], kindness is one of my FEW qualities. only skill i possess is the ability to read and i'm **getting better** with the search feature. no skill in my smoking. its all dumb luck and a lot of self education using yours and others vast knowledge that has been posted over time for people like me to use.
  17. java

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    Thanks I will give them a try
  18. im sure you'll be happy you did. 

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