Chuck Roast, 3rd Times a Charm

Discussion in 'Beef' started by biged92, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. I had the day off today, and had a chuck roast in the frig.  Figured I would take another shot at smoking a chuck roast.  The first 2 attempts came out pretty bad.  1st time I used too much wood, and the 2nd time, I still used too much wood and under cooked it.  So today I am on a mission.  So here's what we have so far.

    Got my coals fired up and placed them in my 18.5 WSM.

    Next I put the smoker together and got the Stoker dialed in at 250 degrees.

    Once the WSM came to temp, I added the meat.  Threw on some sausages for lunch as well.

    That's all I have for now.  I'll update the thread as I go along.  Thanks for lookin'.
  2. pgsmoker64

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    Lookin good there Ed!

    One thing I like to do with a chuckie is take it off at about 185 IT and put it in mixture of red wine, beef broth, and veggies and braise it until it is fall apart tender!

    Good luck with #3.

  3. Bill, thanks for the encouragement.  Everything is cruising right along.  So far the pit is maintaining it's temp very nicely at 250, and the chuck roast is at 145 degrees.  But while I wait, I think I'll have some lunch.

  4. pgsmoker64

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    Those sausages look awesome!!!

    Making me hungry.

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    Looks good! How'd that chuckie turn out?

  6. Sorry for the delay.  Yesterday afternoon got a little crazy.  I am happy to say, that the 3rd time was a charm.  The chuck roast came out great.  Here are some picks from the last half of the cook.

    This is the roast w/ about 4 hours of smoke, and ready to be pulled ad wrapped.  I used a combination of cherry and pecan wood chunks, w/ some KB as the fuel.

    Instead of wrapping the roast in foil, I went ahead and placed it in a aluminum pan with a onion, bell pepper, garlic, and some Stubbs beef marinade.  The onion and bell pepper were thinly sliced, and the garlic chopped.  I then foiled it back up and placed it back on the smoker for another 2 hours or so.

    I pulled the roast at an IT of 205, and then wrapped it up w/ a towel and placed it in a cooler for a couple more hours.  After that I pulled it a part and mixed it back in with the pan mixture.

    The beef had a great smoke flavor, tender, and the Stubbs gave it a nice peppery note.

    Thanks again for looking.
  7. [​IMG]looks amazing!! do you serve that? i imagine it can be served however and be the bees knees, but how do you like to serve that up? thanks for sharing!![​IMG]
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    Chuck Roast...........I feel for you! I too am a newbie trying to cook in a smoker! Last sunday I put in a pork roast.........whew............not good at all.....I am reading everything I can get my hands on .........including Jeff's book trying to master this and get it rocking! I am going to order his recipes and his course.......gotta make some adjustments and get this thing right!

    Let us know how your dinner comes looked really good on the grill!

    I too will be having a Smokin Sunday!

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