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    The wife and I love Chuck Roast, both smoked and as a pot roast. However my wife now has trouble chewing the average chuck roast, however cooked.

    I have a small chuck (1-3/4 lbs) that I want to make a pot roast with veggies, on stove top in a large covered skillet.. This roast is 1/2 of a larger roast and is about 2" thick. Can you guys give me some ideas on how to make this sucker come out like melt in your mouth tender.


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    Cook it until it melts in your mouth. If it's chewy it's not done. A crock pot works really well.

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    Pot Roast is a favorite here. Just made a 4Lb Chuck last week. My 2 kids in PA found out their sister was coming and insisted she bring leftovers to them. This is a One Pot Meal! The meat is fall apart tender. My 87 year old Mom ate it with No Teeth! I make this with OX Tails but my wife says it is too rich...[​IMG]...JJ

    JJ's Jamaican Pot Roast

    2Lb Chuck Roast

    1 Lg Onion, diced 2Cup

    3ea Carrots, diced 1Cup

    2ea Ribs Celery, diced 1Cup

    3ea sprigs Thyme, 1/4tsp dry

    3ea Whole Allspice. 1/4tsp ground

    1/2tsp Ground Black Pepper

    1tsp Salt, plus to taste

    Water or Beef Broth to just barely cover.

    1/4C Soy sauce

    1Tbs Kitchen Bouquet, browning seasoning.

    1lb Frozen Cavatelli or Gnocci

    2Tbs Oil

    Optional: 1/2 to 1tsp Red Pepper Flakes, if you like heat! 

    Heat Oil in a heavy Pan or Dutch Oven

    Brown meat well about 3-4 minutes per side and remove.

    Add Vegetables to oil and saute until golden, about 3-4 minutes.

    Return meat to the pan, add Soy sauce, Kitchen Bouquet and Water or broth, Salt and Spices.

    Bring to a boil, Cover and reduce heat. Simmer until a fork shreds the meat, about 3 hours.

    Remove Cover, increase heat and bring liquid to a boil.

    Add the frozen Cavatelli or Gnocci and boil about 5 minutes until pasta is tender and the Gravy thickens.

    Adjust seasoning and serve.
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  5. Roast and rice and gravy are a staple in Louisiana. Had it every Sunday growing up.

    Brown it in the pot then remove and make a dark roux. Add lots of garlic, onions and bell pepper and add enough stock to be able to submerge the roast. Put the roast in and cook it till it falls apart. Of course add salt and pepper or Tony's or you favorite seasonings and other touches that you may like. We typically didn't add carrots or taters since we eat it over rice. But to each his own.

    One of my favorite things to do with it is make sloppy roast beef po-boys. Serve with Zapps potato chips and a roll of paper towels!
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    Thanks all. I think I have not been cooking long enough, will double time cook time on next one and see what happens.

  7. A good digital probe thermo will help you make sure you are getting to the right internal temp (IT), somewhere between 190* and 205*.

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