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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by glenn j, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. In addition to our 20lb oven roasted turkey, I'm going to be smoking a turkey breast. I looked at a few places for a regular one, but I couldn't find much under 6-7lbs. Target poundage was about 4lbs.

    I managed to find a "fresh" one...see attached pic. It's 3.39lbs.

    I take it I just smoke this as I would a smaller turkey breast or roasting chicken? My roasting chickens usually take about 4 hours on my electric ECB; should I figure the same for this turkey?

    Oh, it will be brined, already got that covered. [​IMG]
  2. pigcicles

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    Your time estimate should be close. But remember with anything we smoke we use the temperature as the guide to say when it is done. Don't rely on time to give you an accurate finish. Although USDA limits are lower (165º) I usually recommend a temp of 170º to 175º, but only because of my personal preferences with poultry.
  3. richtee

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    I'm with Piggie- however since it's boneless be careful about going much higher in temp. Easy to dry out..The brining will help tho.
  4. bustedluckbarbq

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    I like my poultry a little higher too... the brine i got off here with a few small additions (old bay) has been working well.... I pulled a chicken at 165 once and it still had alittle blood around the bone.... ( i thought i had the thermom. in good but maybe not) i've been pullin' them off around 170-175 and they have been good....
  5. flash

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    I'll be doing a bonelss 3 lb breast this Christmas. Shouldn't take to long, 2 1/2 to 3 hours. As stated, the internal temp is the key and what you should shot for. Since no bone, I will go with 165º
  6. ron50

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    The time will depend on the tmeperature of the smoker too. If you go low and slow (225 - 250) or if you raise it up to 300-350 to get the skin crispy. Also I would brine it for 4 hours to keep it from drying out, especially if you plan to take it above 165 as suggested.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to use the remote thermometer. I guess if it cooks faster, we can just pull it off let it rest, and then warm it up in the oven before serving?
  8. flash

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    You can always wrap it in foil and keep it in a cooler for several hours. Maybe wrap a towel around it too. I am doing a Butterball and find I do not need to brine them.
  9. Excellent idea Flash! We have a few old one we saved from when we used to order from Omaha Steaks.

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