Christmas Smoker - Brisket, Leg of Lamb, Shrimp and Bacon wrapped Kielbasa and cheddar! - w/Qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by papagreer, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Hey Everyone,

    Hope you all had a great Christmas, I know we did. I planned to smoke a brisket for my family for Christmas dinner and ended up with a couple goodies along the way. My brother went to Whole Foods to pick up some Polenta for his Vegan Lasagna and he came home with a pound and a half of large shrimp and a leg of lamb. Go figure, a Vegan bringing home meat goodies for the family. He's a good dude and I was happy to cook it! I put the brisket in Sat at 8:45PM at 210* with a full maze of hickory lit at both ends. I don't have any pre smoke pics of the brisket but here is a shot of the lamb before I trimmed it up:


    Rubbed the lamb with some EVOO, Black Pepper, Sea Salt and Rosemary. Cut pockets in the lamb and stuffed quartered garlic cloves in the pockets. Smoked it til 130 and pulled and let rest for an hr or so. Took about 4 hrs total. 


    The brisket took about 15 hrs for the flat to reach 200* Let her rest for an hr and sliced it up. It was super tender and really tasty:


    Here is a shot of the Shrimp. Pretty simple on the shrimp, just some EVOO, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and a nice amount of Old Bay:


    Here is the Kielbasa. This was something I came up with after seeing all the Pork Candy posts. I cut the Kielbasa in half in pieces and wrapped them with a half slice of bacon and then threw in a nice chunk of sharp white cheddar on the top. These were really good. I couldn't get kraut, but next time I will make some with kraut, stoneground mustard and cheddar. That HAS to be good. HAHA!


    So that was what my family and I ate for Christmas dinner. It was awesome. If any of you have Vegans in the family, I will get you my brothers recipe. It was out of this world and to think, not a speck of dairy or pasta in there! Amazing. Hope you all had as much fun as I did cooking. Bring on New Years!!!

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    That's a great meal you put together Chris!

    Everything looks delicious!
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    Now that sure is one fabulous meal there Chris. Now your sausage n kraut sure sounds good to. yummO

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