Christmas day spare rib smoke

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  1. So, it was too late to thaw out a turkey or ham and the commissary had some thawed pork ribs.  Bought a rack and got them rubbed down earlier today.  Fired up the new WSM for it's 2nd smoke.  I also tossed some potatoes and jalapenos on the grate too.  Gonna make smoked scalloped potatoes with mushrooms, green onions and smoked bacon, some corn and a small salad.  Not having a family here sucks, but it does give me lots of time to smoke.

    More pics to come with the progress.

  2. So the final product is done and it was pretty good.  The potatoes were awesome.  I decided to make a roux from the bacon grease then add milk and cheese.  Baked for 45 minutes with potatoes, jalapenos, green chilis, onion and garlic.  AWESOME!  Ribs were pretty good too.  The bottom had a hard crust that wasn't very chewable but the meat was good.

    Ribs pulled out of the smoker.

    Sliced them.  They were moist, but a little overdone.  Difficult to cut, some areas wanted to act like pulled pork.

    Final meal. 

    I didn't want to post a picture of the salad, some people might report me for killing vegetables.  

    Merry Christmas everyone!  Enjoy your meals later today!
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  3. Looks amazing, well done.
  4. one eyed jack

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    Good looking plate of taters and ribs.  [​IMG]
  5. crazymoon

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    EQ, Nice looking ribs, thanks for your service !
  6. b-one

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    Looks great! Hopefully you can enjoy your time there.
  7. Looking good! Those potatoes are making my mouth water!!
  8. They were by far the best potatoes I have ever made. Should have smoked em a little more.

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