Christmas Day Prime Rib (boneless) (with Q-View)

Discussion in 'Beef' started by miller51, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Well here goes nothing…yesterday it was 60* and sunny, today, not so much! 37* and rainy…. Well that’s normal here in the Pittsburgh region (Seattlesburgh).[​IMG]

    Wanted a bone in prime rib, but my local butcher was gone for the day Tuesday when I wanted to buy so I bought the size I wanted but had to go with boneless…no big deal, but I like the bone and the flavor better.

    Rubbed it Tuesday with a little SPOG and added some sweet basil, oregano, and then into the fridge for a 2 day nap. Here it is on the smoker with some hickory chunks running at 240*. Under is a onion, garlic, carrot, garlic, some rub seasonings, and a little beef base with some H2O for the Smokey au jus in the drip pan! [​IMG]

    TBS rolling and off we go…I’ll plan to pull it at 130*, rest for 45min while I push the grill up to 500* and hit a nice sear for those who don’t like the mid-rare that it’s SUPPOSED to be served at… I’ll post up later… Great holiday long weekend with some awesome smoked meat…Happy holidays to all the smokers out there![​IMG]

    Here she is, the final work! Tasted pretty good, but i think I try a lighter wood next time, maybe a cherry/apple combo...happy smoking! [​IMG]

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  2. Lookin good! What are you having besides the meat? I'm needing ideas. :)

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