Christmas Brisket! Need HELP!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by gobrowns, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Hello all and Merry Christmas!

    I have a 6lb flat cut brisket I will throw in a MES elec smoker tomorrow (xmas eve day). I have a few questions as I never did a brisket!

    1. Do I trim the fat first?

    2. Should I add rub tonight and let it sit wrapped in the fridge overnight?

    3. What type of chips would be best, I have almost any flavor available!

    4. Any good methods once in the smoker?? Things like the 2-2-3 method for wibs?

    ONE IMPORTANT THING! It appears my MES does not like to give me a good smoke at low temps. I really only get good smoke at a temp around 220 or so. I want to go low and slow with this slab of beef goodness!!!!!!

    THIS IS A IMPORTANT SMOKE FOR ME!!! I am buttering up Santa with some smoked brisket and a good bottle of Belgium Beer!!

    I want the fat man to hook me up good this year! 


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    Everyone has their own way of doing things. I would leave the fat on and depending on how strong you want the flavor you can rub now or wait till an hour or so before you smoke. Put it in your cooker fat side up and give er double barrel. Oak, Hickery, or a little apple would be good. Good luck on the smoke and Merry Christmas. "UP IN SMOKE" bud from Texas
  4. I assume it wont take too long being a flat cut, correct???
  5. smokinal

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    I always figure the estimated time at 2 hours per pound if you smoke it at 225. That includes the rest period. If it gets done early, just wrap it in foil, then towels, and put it in a dry cooler & it will stay hot for hours.
  6. I know this sounds stupid, but I have done meats in the past, at 225 the internal temp reaches the right temp in the matter of 3 hours! SO, if you say 2 hours per pound, with a 6 pound brisket, that is 12 hours. BUT, if the brisket hits 200 internal temp in say, 4 hours, is it done or should i continue the full 12 hours for that great smoke flavor???

    This has ALWAYS been my #1 confusion!! I have loved all the things I have smoked in the past, but always felt it could be "better" if you know what I mean!
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    I just did a 14.5# packer on Wed/Thurs, it took 22.5 hours.  I trim fat cap to 1/4 to 3/8 inch and score it. Slather it with cheap mustard with 2 Tbsp of Worcestershire sauce added. cover with rub and wrap in Saran wrap, and leave in fridge for at least 12 hours. re-coat with rub and smoke, I spritz after 4 hours every couple hours 
    NO! do not keep smoking after IT hits 200. when you hit your target temp the meat is done no need to keep smoking, all you will do is dry it out.
  8. The part of trying to figure out when to start it so it is done in time for dinner is tuff!!!!
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    I usually leave the brisket whole but the one I smoked a couple days ago I trimmed it down to the flat. No point or fat left I was trying to cut down on my smoke time. Well it worked and the brisket was as good as it usually is. I like to use hickory. I never season mine the day before and I smoke them at 225* until it reaches 200IT. Good luck !
  10. That's an interesting method I've not thought of.  The Fat of the Brisket does a great job of keeping the meat moist, but the tradeoff is it takes so much energy to heat the fat . . . adding hours to the cooking time but with a taste worth the wait.  Hanging the fat inches above the brisket is an interesting approach to the smoking, but what about the resting time, when the meat is supposed to draw moisture back into itself.  Where does it find that moisture?

    I'm more for leaving a good part of the fat cap on the meat.  Trim a bit if you must.  But too little fat trimmed is better than too much trimmed.
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    There are so many ways to smoke a brisket & I think I have tried them all. If you look at the comp briskets they trim all the fat off. I think this way you get the rub to penetrate deeper into the meat & by putting the fat above the brisket you keep it moist during the smoke. This has worked well for me. I use this method for hams & pastrami as well.
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    Just click on Al's Briskit and Burnt ends in his sig line [​IMG]

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    I usually trim to about 1/8 inch. I take it out of the fridge and rub it just before I go out and light the Egg. Typically sits out about an hour - allows it to warm up a bit. Lately we have been cooking at 230. I used to rub the night before (or 2) and let them sit in the fridge - I am just as happy doing it just before it hits the cooker.

    I always figure 1.5 hours/pound, then add an hour or 2 for a good long rest wrapped in foil and a towel in a cooler. It's done around 200ish and when the probe goes in with no resistance. You can't cook Q by time - time is simply a gauge.

    As for wood - I like hickory or cherry.

    Good Luck!!
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      [​IMG]   and remember the Qview [​IMG]

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