Christmas Brisket, ABT's and Bears Bacon Lots of Pics!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by travisty, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. travisty

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    Got a few projects in the works right now, thought id get a post going with my progress to make it easier to post from my phone!

    For Christmas we always do a Brisky, normally I go with an oven method since my wife doesn't love a ton of smoke, but this year doin it for a bunch of family, so thought id go all out! This will actually be my first smoked Brisket, and I've been spending the last couple of weeks researching methods and getting ready (I even ordered some Tatonka Dust). Im planning to throw it in at about 1:00AM to be ready around 2-3pm, then into a cooler with old sheets for 2 hours for a 5-6:00 dinner. 

    Ill Rub her down with EVOO, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, and some Tatonka Dust. And of course ill keep everyone up to date with pictures!

    Im also going to thrown in a batch of ABT's which I plan to also stuff with Lil'smokies, I purchased a chilli griller tray to cook 'em in.

    I also picked up some pork belly from my local butcher (it was a bit pricier than I have ever seen it, but they said it has been getting really popular so they are having a hard time keeping it in) And have been following @Bearcarver  's "extra smoky" bacon recipe, and decided to ditch the pink salt for tenderquick this time around. Got the bacon into bags last night, ended up after trimming the skin off and preparing it with about 3 lbs each piece. I will add that the variation to Bears method that I did do was to add a bit of my homemade rub, and some fresh cracked pepper.

    They will be in for at least a week, and ill post the updates here as well. So ahead weve got: Brisket, ABT's and Bacon! Stay tuned if you like.
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  2. rogerwilco

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    It sounds as if you have things squared away! Hope your wife enjoys this brisket, with a bit of smoke.
  3. travisty

    travisty Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Alright, well ive got a couple of PICs but it ended up that I was so busy with family and everything that I kept forgetting to snap very many.

    So I threw the Brisket in at 11pm (@ 235) Christmas Eve in hopes it would cook till about 1-2PM. It was snowing heavily outside, and the smoker was getting a bit of it in the covered porch, we woke up to almost a foot, so I had to dig around to get at the door! 

    Unfortuneatley when I woke up in the morning the internal temp had already made it to 185d, so I was worried that I was WAY ahead of schedule, but it appeared that this may have been the stall temp as it sat there for a couple more hours. I also tested with an instant read, and it appears that my Mav has somehow become about 10d high so ill have to go back to calibrating, and the IT with the 2 high end instant reads I have showed only 175.

    The Brisky ended up getting to 195 about noon, and was taking a wood skewer like warm butter so I pulled her off and wrapper it in a couple layers of parchment paper, then in an old towel and sheets and into the cooler. After about 2 hours I pulled it open to check everything, and since the dinner wasn't for 2 more I decided to go ahead and stick it into a crock pot on low still wrapped in the parchment paper. When I checked it out it was beautiful, and I sliced just a bit of a notch out and it was delicious!

    Once everyone showed up I sliced it up, and it was not only beautiful, but it was delicious!!! It was a tiny bit dry (but no one else seemed to agree) but ooooh so tender, I ladled over a bit of the drippings and just a TINY bit of a BBQ sauce I made, and  that moistened it up perfectly.

    I also threw together some ABTs, cored out some jalapenos, filled with a mixture of cream cheese and sharp white cheddar, then stuffed most with some Lil' smokies, and a few with a clove of garlic (I actually liked those ones better), wrapped them in bacon and then threw them on the smoker for an hour and a half of so. They ended up perhaps a bit too smoky for me, but again no one else complained and everyone else loved them.

    Overall it was awesome and a huge success, gave me some good cred with all involved and just a tiny bit of leftovers' which I consumed the following day!
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  4. travisty

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    PS: I Used a mix of Peach, Oak, and Pecan wood in my AMNTS which smoked the entire 13 hours, and then continued to smoke for another hour or so set on the porch. (ive mentioned this in other posts, but the 18" AMNTS says it will smoke for 6 hours, but ive never got less than 10!)

    Ive also noticed after the few cooks I've used Tatonka dust on, that it really blackens up the crust, and I LOVE IT! Glad I listened to other SMF members on that recommendation
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  5. travisty

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    Alright!! Finally got the bacon done. I ended up with the business of the holidays letting it sit in cure bags for a total of 11 days. Rinsed it off and patted the 2 pieces dry, placed on racks in the fridge for 10 hours to develop some pellicle. I realized that I didn't do any additional seasonings prior to letting rest, so I threw on a bit of black pepper and ground garlic but it didn't seem to adhear well even after the cooking process.

    One of the 2 took on a bit of an off color I think cause it was a pretty thin piece, and I had used some paprika and brown sugar in the curing process. But after the rest and the cook it looked perfect too. Did a salt test and the flavor was perfect

    As mentioned, I followed bears "Extra Smoky" method, and it turned out very well. Smoked for 11 hours at 125, and no fat rendered out. I never probed the meat as I didn't find it necessary, but the IT in the chamber of my MES stayed pretty consistent according to my MAV.

    One note I wanted to make is that I had an issue that my MES control panel was not working at all, it was about 15 degrees out when I was starting my smoke, and I think that there is a temp issue with the control panel. I took my wifes blow dryer and heated it up for a few seconds and it worked fine from then out.

    it all sliced up with a Warring Pro slicer, and I dint have the need to freeze that Bear and others mentione, I refrigerated it over night and that was plenty firm to slice it up. Perhaps because my bellies were pretty thin.

    Sealed it up with my vac sealer, and ended up with a ton of bacon! I gave 4 pacs away to family, and put all but one pac into the freezer.

    Of course I cooked up a cap the next morning and it was mighty tasty, also did some BLTs for lunch!

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