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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by fishwrestler, Apr 15, 2012.

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    When I was in Junior High I worked at a local mom and pop Mexican market that had a small butcher shop. Even though I was too young to work behind the counter the owner still let meJ. I would help with preparing all the cooked meat for sale the following day and I got to shut the meat counter down at night and prep for the morning. It was a blast. One of the things I remember most is making large batches of Chorizo. Time has passed and the little store is now closed. I have tried like heck to get the recipe with no luck from the surviving family members. I have tried on and off over the last 10 years to duplicate the recipe. I have never been able to get the flavor and texture right. I remember it being so greasy and red that it would turn the scrambled eggs red when cooking it. Well I got the taste and texture right this time. The meat is not greasy, but with age one becomes wiser. I can do with out the grease. Here is the recipe that I finally got right.

    5.5 lbs.       Pork Butt
    4 ozs.         Vinegar, Cider
    2 ozs.         Tequila
    16 grams    Cilantro
    54 grams    Garlic Gloves
    12 grams    California Chili  Powder
    48 grams    Cummin Seed ground
    6 grams      Oregano, Mexican Dried
    42 grams    Paprika, Sweet
    30 grams    Kosher Salt
    10 grams    onion powder
    10 grams    Habanera (I used Chipotle ) Powder

    I slide up the pork butt and refrigerated then took the garlic and minced it. Then soaked it in the vinegar and tequila mixed together, I then took all the dry ingredients and mixed them together along with the cilantro.  I dusted all the meat with the mixture of ingredients and pour the vinegar, Tequila and garlic over the meat and refrigerate overnight. Then I ground through a medium plate. I poured a little more vinegar into the meat shoot as I was grinding and even used a little to clean up all dry spices stuck in the bottom of the meat tub. Probably about a ½ cup more of vinegar in all. Fried some of this up and I got perfect texture and taste. SUCCESS at last!


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    not too far off from mine..... and i don't use cilantro or tequila.
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    I think I could leave out the cilantro and be OK, I am also sure I can replace the Tequila with more vinegar.

    I did not take any sorry, I packaged it and into the freezer. Next time pictures for sure.

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