Chorizo stuffed poblanos

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  1. I have a bumper crop of Poblanos this year. Even though it's October I still have pepper plants setting blooms. Most of my peppers are doing well but my poblanos are on overdrive. I have a few plants that are over four feet tall.
    When I went out to the garden this morning I picked the biggest ones and those that had turned red. I also picked some tomatillos so I can make some more salsa verde which I can for the winter. The peppers with the tomatillos are called Sandia peppers. They pack more heat and add a nice amount of kick to the salsa.
    So I roasted the poblanos.
    Fried up the chorizo
    And the stuffed them and wrapped them in bacon.
    Here they are going into the smoker. I was little worried because the bacon didn't cover most of the pepper and the rice was exposed in several places due to small tears in the peppers here and there. I thought that the peppers might dry out but in the end everything came out great.
    Here is the finished product.
    They aren't they prettiest stuffed peppers, but man, let me tell you what they sure did taste good.
    Nothing was dried out in fact the rice was very moist on the inside and the flavor of the chorizo was an excellent combination with the peppers.
    While I'm here. This is what I did yesterday. I made this.
    Into this.
    Tomorrow I'll be canning some salsa verde so I will post that also.
    Thanks for looking.
  2. Looks GREAT. I like to smoke the fish whole - head and scales. with a little salt and pepper.

    I've had a good pepper crop this year.

    Happy smoken.

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    I really love poblano ABT's. and yours look great! Looks like your pepper garden put out some beauties this fall.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the canned salsa verde post, too. Thanks for posting!
  4. s2k9k

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    Nice change of pace on those ABT's!!! Looks Great!!!

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