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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ecodork, May 27, 2010.

  1. ecodork

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    My dad got me a bunch of 3 oz. packs of Corona Real chorizo chili mix.  Anyone ever use this stuff?

    It looks good, but I can't find directions anywhere or even spice to meat ratios.  I figure I could cobble together some internet / SMF recipes just fine, but it'd be really nice to know how much of the spice mix to use.  I'm going to try calling them this PM.

    I was thinking about using the directions from the local spice place in my hometown ( It seems fairly straightforward.

    I am contemplating using some to do up a fatty where the main sausage is this chorizo, and the inside is something like egg/potato/beans/onion/cheese.....[​IMG]
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  3. ecodork

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    Yeah, I tried calling them but the dude on the phone didn't have much for me.  Oh well, I'll go with my gut and post some results here so we can build up the online chorizo database!
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  5. ecodork

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    Corn chips as a binder...interestante.

    I could see how commercial chorizo would want to fall apart on you but so far my stuff just looks like the ground pork butt it is. 

    Got everything ground and marinating.  Gonna reserve a pound for a fatty and will probably stuff the rest in hog casing. 
  6. gorden

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    I have some of the Corona Chorizo mix too

    did you find how much to mix in with the ground meat?  Please email me at [email protected]
    Many thanks !!!

  7. ecodork

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    You know I didn't find an exact amount. My notes are at the house in my bbq notebook but let me think about what I can recall b/c I think it's still helpful (or a starting point, at least).

    I believe I did maybe 1 tablespoon (or maybe 1 oz) per pound.  I think I did 2 bags for ~8 - 10 # pork shoulder.  Essentially I followed the pre-made recipe from La India Packing Co - (  

    It was good, but for my taste it ended up being WAY TOO SALTY.  Maybe cut in half next time?

    The other lesson learned was that I trimmed too much fat from the shoulder.  Without my notes in front of my, I want to say I trimmed ~2 pounds of fat from an 8 # butt.  It was WAY dry!  I know I was trying to make somewhat "healthy" and less greasy chorizo, but that stuff was dry.

    The other lesson was to not waste my time stuffing this into casings.  Portugese chorizo stuffs well but mexican style does not.

    So next time I'll just use the whole butt (and will seek out a nice extra marbled one) and will cut my spice amount in half (and put into vaccuum sealed bags).
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    Just a heads up, harris teeter has boston butt on sale this week for 99 cents a pound this week. Limit two. I borrowed some friends vic cards and got 8 butts. ready to make some kielbasa for the holidays. Will be posting a 60 lb batch soon
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    This can be a point of reference on the chorizo mix. It can vary based on the actual ingredients.

     This chorizo spice is meant for making Mexican style sausage and not the Spanish style of sausage. For authentic spicy patties or links add 4 tbsp. spice, 2 tbsp. cider or wine vinegar and 1 tbsp. water to 1 pound of ground pork.

    It's all good my friend.
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  10. ecodork

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    Just looked over my notes and I used 9 oz of the Corona chili spice mix and 2 cup red wine vinegar for 5.75# of pork butt.  Again, as a point of reference (for that brand) this was way too salty...and I trimmed too much of the fat.  I grew up in South Texas eating mexican chorizo and this was way off the mark (at least from what I am used to).  No hay pedo though, half the fun is experimenting until you get it right, right? 

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