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    Good evening SMF.

    I'm on vacation all week(if working from home counts as a vacation) and so will be doing a few smokes to prepare for the busy time ahead.

    First up is a smoked version of my favorite little Chilean cocktail size sausages, choricillo.   

    This recipe is my slightly modified version of Chilean longaniza.  In Chile, longaniza, chorizo, and choricillo are all the same sausage just with different sizes.  The choricillo is what I will be making - the cocktail sausage size(made with sheep casings and less than 10cm in length).


    4# pork trimmings.  I use leaner trimmings, but shoulder should be fine.(Grind half through coarse/mid and half through fine)

    1# pork belly (cube 3/4 of the belly into 1cm cubes, grind the rest through med.)

    2 tbsp kosher salt

    1 tsp cure #1

    2 tsp ground cumin

    2 tsp ground oregano

    1.5 tsp garlic powder(or more depending on quality)

    1 tbsp ground black pepper

    2 tbsp Merkén*

    1/2 cup red wine(I used Chilean Carmenere to keep authentic, but any red should work)

    I was going to use some powdered milk(seen in the bowl closest to the meat) but decided not to at the last minute.

    Meat is mixed and in the fridge to sit overnight.  Will stuff and smoke tomorrow night.


    Merkén is a Chilean spice that is mostly smoked crushed goat's horn chili(hot) with a little salt, ground coriander and sometimes ground oregano or cumin.  It is not used in every longaniza but gives an extra authentic Chilean flavor.  The spice in general is amazingly good on everything from potatoes to popcorn to fish to chicken and just about everything else I can think of.  Spicy and smokey.

    More to come tomorrow and throughout the week.  Looking into possibly a Lebanon bologna made with ECA and cooked instead of fermented or another sliceable lunchmeat sausage.
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    I'll be looking forward to seeing these done!
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    Sounds good looking forward to the finished sausage!

  5. avclub

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    Finally got them stuffed and drying in front of a fan.

    Sorry for the terrible picture, I will take another when they go into the smoker.

    At the last minute I separated ~2#s and put in some ECA and more merken to emulate a fermented version of the sausage.  Test fries of both flavors turned out well, although I think I used too much citric acid as I think the smaller batch is a little too tart.  Next time I will try with fermento(or actually fermenting).  My wife likes them though. 

    This was my first time using sheep casings and I had some bursts when twisting my links.  I had some trouble with the links staying twisted as well. 
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    Into the smoker.  AMNPS loaded with 2:1 pecan:cherry.

    Cold smoke for ~2 hours, then hot for at least one.  Will finish off poaching if I feel like it(but probably not).
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    Looks like your making edible Mardi Gras Beads!
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    I ended up finishing them up on the smoker only.  I let them air cool in the smoker with the door open, then closed it to let them hang for a few hours.

    Just took them off after about 6 hours of hanging.  Turned out ok.  Next time I will cold smoke only then poach or grill.  Also  they will get more cumin and more merken.  Overall OK though.  Real taste test when the wife gets home from work.

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    Thems there look great.
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    They look great! You say next you will poach rather than cook in the smoker, is that due to the texture of the meat or some other reason?
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    They were a bit dry when finished, especially after putting on the grill again to cook for meals.  I was the only one to notice it though, so I don't think it is a real problem.  I will still probably cold smoke and poach the next batch, just to compare.
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    Real nice finished product...JJ
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    I get these at Vallarta Mkt when i go back to Antelope Valley to visit my mom and sis.
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    Or first attempt at Black Angus Kielbasa and it didn't quite make to

    Sausage looks great!
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