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  1. Do you use soaked chips or dry. When I seasoned I used wet chips they seemed to work ok. Also It looked like there was alot of moisture inside of the smoker so I am not sure if I would need to add water to water pan. Maybe for a big chunk of meat so it didnt dry out.
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    I have found dry chips work best, but the real way to go to eliminate the too heavy/ too light smoke, or none at all, is to get an A-MAZE-N-SMOKER. Once you have one of them, life gets seriously easier!

    I seldom put water in my pan, but the pan has to be in all of the time. Cover it with foil to make cleaning easier.

    You can add water to it, if you're worried about something drying out though.

    You can put water or other juices in a foil pan, closer to the meat, if you are worried about drying out too.

  3. I plan on gettin the  A-MAZE-N-SMOKER  , see alot of great comments about it here.Thanks
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    What Bear Said....

    Water is used for both a "Heat Sink" and for "Added Moisture".  The heat sink is to help in recovery times when you open the door.  Some guys will use sand instead of water for the heat sink.  If you have a MES 40" with a 1200 watt element, recovery times are very quick without using a heat sink.

    I line the water pan and lower drip pan with foil for easy clean up.  When I do a pork shoulder, I save the juices and put them back into the meat, when I foil or pull.  If you need added moisture, you can use a disposable foil loaf pan or small cake pan.  This should be enough moisture for anything you're smoking.  Personally, I do not use water in the water pan.

    I do not soak chips.  Moisture helps to create creosote.  You're looking for the TBS and not a Billowing White Cloud of Smoke!

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    Yep like Bear said, get a AMNS. End of problem.
  6. Thanks for the advice I dont want any Creosote, I remember my very first smoke was a turkey in my UDS and while i was waiting I put some shrimp and veggie skewers on for a snack. What a waste,But lessoned learned. 

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