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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by kevin13, Jan 29, 2010.

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    I have oak, maple, cherry, hickory and mulberry right now.  I'm supposed to be getting some apple from a friend as soon as he visits his mother.  I split the logs with a maul.  Then, I cut the splits into 3 or 4 inch pieces with a chop saw.  Then, I split those pieces with an ax to end up with pieces about .5 inch to 1 inch by 1 inch by 3 or 4 inches.  I've used a hatchet and an ax before and I just prefer the ax.  I hold it about a foot or so from the head and it just doesn't take near the swing that the hatchet does.
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    I have oak and maple which were recently cut from my yard. They were cut a few months ago. If i cut into disks, how long should they dry/age before i use them for smoking?

  3. 15ft smoker

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    Good morning, has any one here every used Aspen wood to smoke there ribs with
  4. Here is a post from about 11 months ago from bbally on beech wood for smoking. Based on this aspen is probably OK for smoking.
  5. Just a question, I use Apple and Pecan in my RF Smoker I only use seasoned wood. When you use chips does it not have to be seasoned? Just trying to learn all I can.

    Gary S.
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    I do a lot of woodworking and save all my cherry and maple pieces.  I use a bandsaw which makes short work of the pieces.  I think that larger chunks work better than the smaller stuff you get from a chipper.  They burn up to fast.\


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    Great info! I wonder what is the cost/benefit of this if I can free wood from my neighbor.  I enjoy fresh cut wood.
  8. For cutting small and medium tree limbs I have an electric chain saw that I bought for this purpose. I use vegetable oil on the bar. The saw was cheap enough and I have not had any problems. I use plum wood, from my storm damaged tree.
  9. steve k

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    I have been using a Sthil MS 261 chain saw to cut a lot of my wood, and I haven't had any bad flavor issues from the bar oil that I use in the saw.  This model has a chain that is designed to cut down on the amount of bar oil used, so I don't think there is enough residue to make any difference.  I also know that the Sthil brand bar oil is biodegradable, so I think, by the time the wood is seasoned, any of the bar oil is probably long evaporated.  I know I don't have any bad flavors from it.  My saw manual recommends against using any old vegetable oil, but I wonder what the oil is made out of if it's biodegradable? I'm sure Sthil wants me to buy only their oil, so maybe it is vegetable oil.  I wouldn't have thought twice about this issue if I hadn't seen it brought up here.
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    I use my chainsaw to make saw dust. Just cut thin slices off the log and break them up with a hammer. Good Luck!
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    What do you lubricate your bar and chain with when you are cutting for smoke wood?

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    WOW, fresh cherry wood, I am jealous!  I agree with the chop saw method, and then use a hatchet to split it further.  I checked the local pawn shops to find an old chop saw, that way the good one is ready to go when needed.  Good luck!
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    Cheap Vegetable Oil

    You can't use petroleum based oils in State and Federal Parks.

    I don't think the logs hold the oil, but the chips definitely do

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    That's the answer I was looking for, Todd. I knew, but I wanted to see if someone would throw it out so we're all on the same page.

    State and federal regs on harvesting of anything on public lands are getting pretty stringent, so those cutting their own wood need to read their pernit requirements before setting out to fire-up a chainsaw and grab a load of wood. I used to harvest my own firewood for years with USFS permits, but that was before the biodegradable lubricant mandate was in effect...times have changed.

    BTW, completely purging synthetic or petroleum based lubricants from the oiler system, bar and chain takes some cutting time, so it's best accomplished while cutting some wood you previously harvested while at home. Planning for this in advance will save you some headaches if you want to do it right. Another option would be to use one saw for veggy oil only, from new on, and use another for general firewood log cutting at your home with typical lube oil, if you have a wood stove/fireplace.

  15. steve k

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    Wow, you learn something new every day.  I guess that my Stihl biodegradable bar oil is vegetable based, eh?  But, do you really think banning petroleum based bar oil really has even a miniscule beneficial impact on the environment?  It sounds like some bureaucrat has an inflated sense of self importance or too much time on his hands, or both.
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    Stihl dealer here said that the newer saw wont feed anything but their oil it was made that way.Here it was  against the law to bring a saw into game and fish property  can't find it in this years book.It dose say you can only use fallen trees for fire wood.
  17. The problem with the hardwood floors is that they have mostly been stained and then have been treated with a varnish of some sort. This would probably put of some bad if not toxic fumes.
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    Good morning, to all, well it is 18 this morning, and all white covered out side, but the smoker must work, lol, the ribs and brisket will not wait, lol, i enjoy reading every ones comments,  ,i like apple, cherry wood, and hickory, but out here it is hard to get, have a great day, ttyl
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    I was in Academy this weekend buying some thermometers and saw these.  Anyone here used them?

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