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  1. Hi All, this will sound rather silly to a lot of you but to me it's a fair question.

    I smoke with a cabinet smoker and have used pellets (AMNPS) up until now and I need some help in understanding the process of chip smoking.

    Can someone explain to me the process of using chips in the chip tray and the purpose of the water tray.

    Now before you go thinkin you have a dump bum here you must take into consideration that I'm an Aussie and we normally just toss the kangaroo straight onto the coals of an open fire.

    Seriously I think it's time to learn more about this wonderful hobby.

    Cheers from Down Under.
  2. siege

    siege Smoke Blower

    Hello Pilch, good questions....My cabinet smoker is a 1st gen MES. If I smoke a pork loin, or chickens, or something that finishes fairly quickly, I use the chip tray, as I only have to add chips a few times while smoking. For a long duration smoke, I just load up the AMNPS, and let it provide smoke all night, while I sleep, and dream of juicy beef brisket :)
    I cover my water pan with foil, to make clean up easier, and just use it as a drip pan. I have never used it with water, as my cabinet smoker locks up like a bank vault, and so there is already plenty of moisture present. A flavorful liquid can be used in the pan to infuse additional flavors, like apple juice, or in your case, a Foster's Lager. The pan is also used to stabilize the temperature, filled with sand or water. I have also never done that, either. I just leave the door shut, and watch the meat IT with a probe thermometer, and a remote reading receiver.
    You can learn a lot on the forum by just reading a few posts every day. Let us know how it goes, and ask a lot of questions. I've been smoking foods since 1972, and still ask a lot of questions......
    Fair Dinkum ?
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  3. Thanks Siege, now I have a starting point to work from.



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