Chili Pot Pie

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    When I make chicken pot pie in the DO I put a layer of refrigereated biscuits to bake on top at the end. Adding corn bread to this chili is how the name was derived. I like chili, but my wife says I make it more like a stew; I guess she's right, since I prefer chunks of meat instead of ground meat.

    This was made at over 7500', on a very cool evening. Adjust your time and coals accordingly. Denise pre-cut the meat (boneless chuck roast and pork chops) so that there was not much fat; enough to help grease the DO. Adding a second package of corn bread mix might be good, too, for a larger group. And it can, obviously, be made with only one type of meat. Or three - I was originally thinking of adding chicken, too.

    And, chili being chili, you can modify the recipe in a lot of ways and still have a great meal.

    The is more of a description than a recipe [​IMG]

                                Chili & Corn Bread

    Recipe By     : myself - adapted from a lot of others
    Serving Size  : 8+ 
    Categories    : Main course                     One pot meals

      Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
    --------  ------------  --------------------------------
      1 1/2         pounds  beef -- cubed
      1              pound  pork -- cubed
      1                can  kidney beans
      1                can  pinto beans
      1             packet  taco seasoning mix
      1                 ca  diced tomatoes
      1                can  Rotel -- original
      4             cloves  garlic -- diced
         1/2                onion -- diced
                            cumin -- to taste
                            red pepper flakes -- to taste
                            satt and papper -- to taste
      1                can  water
                            corn bread mix -- favorite

    Oil and pre-heat a 12" DO, with coals underneath only.

    Season beef and pork with salt and pepper. Brown in DO. Remove any excess grease (we had none.)

    Add onions and garlic. Cook, stirring, until onions are opaque.

    Add remaining ingredients. Stir once or twice.

    Cover and simmer about 2 hours, until meat is getting tender.

    Mix corn bread mix according to package directions.

    Pour corn bread mix over the top of the chili. Cover. Add 16 coals to the lid.

    Bake until corn bread is done. Since the chili is pretty well done, bottom heat can be minimal.

    We were going to add another can of beans, but it got displaced. That would have been good for more people.
    This fed 3 of us, with leftovers we brought home. It was just as good again.
    The corn bread gave it a crunchy texture that we enjoyed.
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    Dude that's awesome and I have to laugh because I was working on something similar but was gonna use small pie tart crusts

    here's a pic NOT MY PIC  but mine would be topped with crust.

    I'll post when I get a batch going

    Great Job and way to beat me to the punch, well done my friend.

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    Sounds like a great recipe!

    Wish you had some photo's!

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