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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by geek with fire, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. geek with fire

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    Ok, so I started out this weekend with the simple idea of just cooking some spatchcock chicken. I butterflied the bird and then decided to totally de-bone the bird (less his 4 limbs). Well, that wasn't so hard, so I got the wild hair to de-bone a Cornish Game Hen.....that was hard, but got the job done. I got to thinkin' about a simpler TurDuckEn: So I present to you: ChiCorn (Plain ol' roastin' chicken with a Cornish Game Hen stuffed in the cavity.

    Here's what I did:
    First lay your de-boned big bird out flat, skin down. Spice as desired (I just used some salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, and sage). Then lay out some Bacon in a V pattern, following the thighs towards the center of the bird.

    Next, plant the de-boned game hen as the next layer. I removed most of the skin. I just left enough so the hind quarters were still attached (not really needed, but makes it more presentable when the finished product is cut). Then I sliced up some apples and arranged them in the center. Season again as needed (I just added some cayenne and some sugar and cinnamon).

    At this point, I was just guessing, so please don't rely on me for knowledge here. Obviously, butchers twine would be best, but I'll be darned if I could find any, so I just used some hemp cord (about 15'). Stitched up the entire opening. Again, I'm no surgeon, so experts please speak up on a good process (mine was hill-billy, and don’t really want to talk about it):

    Placed the bird in on a foil sheet with the ends turned up (I suppose you could use a pan); breast meat down. I know, it sounds crazy to cook it with the white meat down, but the bacon provides a nice stream of juice to keep it moist. Not to mention, by the time it's been cooking for about 5 hours, 1-2" of liquid will accumulate on the bottom, keeping it nice and juicy. I cooked it at about 230-250 for about 5 1/2 hours with oak and apple. Basically when the large roasting chicken hit 175 in the thigh, I felt comfortable that the internal bird was done.

    Probably the most moist and flavorful bird I've ever had. Will definitely be doing it again:
  2. homebrew & bbq

    homebrew & bbq Smoking Fanatic

    Sounds like an interesting idea, although I think it will be a while before I feel up to something like that. It sure looks like good eating!! [​IMG]
  3. Can I email my cornish hen and chicken to ya for processing???
    Really looks good and I can only imagine the taste and thats got me drooling.[​IMG]
  4. monty

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    Thanks for sharing that with us, Josh!


  5. hawgheaven

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    Wow Josh, that looks great! That is something I am going to try soon, thanks for sharing this! [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. cowgirl

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    That looks awesome Josh![​IMG]
  7. shellbellc

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    Awesome!!! [​IMG]
  8. geek with fire

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    Thanks all for the comments. I'm really hoping someone can give some pointers on stitching up the bird. What I did worked, but not very presentable.

    I also failed to mention that both birds marinated in a solution of Dr Pepper, EVOO, maple syrup, and various spices for about 20-30 hours.
  9. bigarm's smokin

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    Hey Josh, you keep sayin that your stiching job isn't very good? If we were back in the old west, and I needed a bullet dug out of me, your the man I'd want on the end of the knife. [​IMG] I think the bird looked great. [​IMG]
  10. coleysmokinbbq

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    Lookin' Mighty GOOD there, Geek!...[​IMG]

    Got an idea...[​IMG]...What if you stuffed a quail inside the cornish hen also??...[​IMG]

    That'd give ya a 3 level bird!...[​IMG]

    Just a thought...[​IMG]
  11. geek with fire

    geek with fire Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Yea, and I'll bet I could fit a field mouse the the quail [​IMG] .

    Just kidding. I'll bet that would be good with the quail, but I think my deboning stops at the cornish hen. That was a buger!

    It was also nice to do something like this for under $10 in supplies; including the slab of bacon, of which I still have some left. I am the king of the penny pinchers!

    On a side note, I lost the battle this weekend for my smoker living on the front porch. I had it there so my computer cables for the control system could connect to the computer in the house. Wifey didn't seem to care about my convenience, so I relocated to the shed out back. The problem is, I couldn't see the computer from out there. So, I hooked up my wireless network and remoted into the control system from in the house. Pretty slick eh? (geek disclamer: temperature was off because I just just spritzed the birds)
  12. wilson

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    Mighty Good Lookin Eats and a pretty slick setup you got there with that wireless link Geek.
    Good Job!!![​IMG]
  13. stillcajun

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    Dang Josh. That looks great. I wouldn't mind having one of those myself.

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