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  1. crazymexican

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    My wife and I have entered a barbeque contest on the 24th of this month it is my wife's first contest and she wants to do it on her own so she would like some info on how long it would take to smoke chicken.
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    I have never done competition but i like to make some chicken from time to time on the smoker. A lot depends on temp of the smoker and cut of meat but i usually get mine done in about 2.5-3 hours @ about 245-250 degrees. I usually cook mine to about 165-170 degree IT. 165 degrees is the minimum but in the darker cuts i go a little higher in temp. Hope that helps. BTW I love a 4 hour brine before hand but that's just me.

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    Time is not as important as IT. I like to carry my chicken to 175*. Also IMO chicken does better if it is cooked a little hotter. The skin usually turns out crispier and the bird stays moister. I like to cook chicken at 275*- 300*. Good luck with the chicken and with the competition. Joe
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