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  1. I'm smoking one chicken and grilling 2 other,don't have room on fridge for 3 chickens any ideas on brining 3chickens
  2. I usually smash mine in to a little cooler with ice in a ziploc baggie and I also throw in some of those blue ice things and by the morning everything is still very chilly.  Hope that helps
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    Same here, 2 1/2 gallon ziplocks can hold 2 chickens each.  Cooler with ice works well. 
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    Ditto what Bruno994 said...Dont forget to take pics and share.
  5. Ziplocs work well but not too many people want to wash a ziploc to reuse it.  When done with cooler wash with soap and Hot water (sometimes bleach) and ready to go for the next time
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    The igloo cooler is a great way to go....also if you're not shy , you can ask at a grocery store , restaurant or bakery and you can get buckets like this(2 gal) for free. Food grade plastic and they work nicely.

  7. I use food grade buckets as well for a variety of things - they work great & are free  [​IMG]

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