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  1. Stared the chicken thighs a little late due to the weather . 10 lbs on and 10 to go. This is for the sheriff's class Sunday, since it's going ro be pulled I thought I'd get ahead of things.
  2. It should be good. If I did that much pulled chicken I'd be sick from eating all of the crispy skin.

    Happy smoken.

  3. Thanks David, I'm blessed to have 3 Dobermans and a Manchester Terrier that swipe most of the skin. The earn it by keeping the unwanted from the yard while I smoke.
  4. You gotta take care of fido.

  5. wheres this class on sunday you say? if i leave now i can get there in
  6. 2 hours into the first batch. Temps running 250ºor so. I'll pull about 170º because it will be reheated Sunday .
  7. Hey Turnandburn, the class is at my friend's range. He owns Engage Armament in Rockville Md. and teaches at his two ranges in Frederick co. Md. I'm just cooking for them for fun.
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    Great color forming on those thighs! Pulled chicken sandwees are tasty!
  9. First batch finished , second one on.


  10. sorry this is the second batch, I know because the turkey legs are for  my wife.
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    Looks good and will be a hit with the Officers.

    Have fun and ...
  12. I'm really glad I threw a couple turkey legs for dinner on with the chicken today.
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