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    I have a verticle propane smoker . I want to try smoking chicken thighs any sugestions on temp and how long
  2. Hello and welcome from East Texas, Sorry, I missed your post.  Safe temp for chicken is 165º  Cooking time depends on your smoker temp, I always take my chicken to at least 180  Normally I smoke at 225º Brisket, pork butt ribs, etc. and I'll throw on some chicken led quarters. If I am just doing chicken I'll bump up to 275º - 300º   There are some guidelines for poultry on length of time to get internal temp to 165º. I brine mine in a salt, sugar and pepper solution about 6 hours before grilling or smoking. Take them out of the brine, rinse, pat dry, rub with EVOO and seasoning (your Choice) put them on the smoker and wait for the goodness

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