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    Hey all!

    Just wanted to share what we do with our bones and carcass from Chicken & Turkey.

    We smoke and grill a lot of Chicken and Turkey.  When we do, we always smoke everything (Neck, backbone, etc...) We save the bones and extras in the freezer until we have enough to make a pot of stock.  

    We toss in all of the defrosted parts into a stock pot, add enough water to cover everything with about an extra 2" of water.  Toss in a couple bay leaves and a qtr cup of red wine vinegar.  Let it slow cook on low for 30 hours, strain and freeze in containers or ziploc bags.  

    It makes for a great starter for homemade soups, we use it for cooking pasta to add a bit of smokey flavor to the pasta.

    Smoke ON!

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