Chicken, Ribs and Rub Review

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  1. Well its Saturday and that means smoking, holiday or not. Of course, I don't need any excuse to do some smoking.I fired up both the pellet pooper and the PBC. The wife loves chicken off the PBC. I like ribs off the pellet pooper. Its a perfect excuse to use both at the same time. Kinda like getting in 2 smokes in one day.

    Also, as my smoking education and journey continues I have been doing some research on some of the top BBQ competitors and what they do. To my surprise, according to most everything I have read, most competitors use commercial rubs and sauces. The theory is "let someone else play chef", and they say there are too many good rubs and sauces out there. Even the pros that have their own line often use other rubs or combinations of rubs. Ditto for sauces. 

    Anyway, my lovely wife picked up some ribs and chicken yesterday for me to smoke today, so it was SLCs and some chicken. I also acquired a few rubs recently to try (I have historically made my own). 

    Put the Money Rub on 2 racks and the Jack Stack on one rack. The Arthur Bryan on the bird. 

    Did one of the racks in the PBC. Tried a new defuser today. 

    The 2 racks in the Traeger. After an hour on low temp smoke mode

    The PBC ribs getting a touch more color before a brief 30 minute wrap. The yard bird hanging. 

    I wrap with a small amount of brown sugar and honey. Meat side down for the wrap stage. 

    After a 35 minute wrap. Then I glaze with some BBQ sauce enhanced with a touch of apple sauce and Aunt Jemima (ran out of Honey!)

    After the glazing stage:

    The PBC ribs:

    Chicken off the PBC:

    Sorry for the upside-down pic. Traeger ribs

    Also sorry for the amateur hour photo of the breast with the probe hole. I was in a hurry to eat since I was damn hungry.

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  2. b-one

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    Looks tasty,I like trying new rubs some are good some not just like I make!:biggrin:
  3. nice smoke, great looking ribs and chicken.

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    Everything looks delicious!

    Nice job!


  5. Thanks everyone. I forgot to mention my review of the rubs. 

    The Big Poppa Money Rub is great. While I enjoy making my own, and certainly will again, this rub is good enough to make me think there are some fantastic rubs on the market and using someone else's rub is just fine. 

    Jack Stack Steak Rub is not as good as the Money Rub. I find it had an odd taste that lingered on the pallet. Of course, it may indeed be better for steaks than ribs. I don't see the need to continue using this on ribs at least. Coincidentally, I think it may be a good pinto bean seasoning actually. Can't tell you why I think that, I just do. 

    Arthur Bryant Poultry and Fish Rub was pretty darn good on chicken. 

    I have some Butt Rub I will be trying next weekend. 

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