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Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by i r smoker, Aug 17, 2015.

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    smoked this weekend and i always figure doneness by internal temp and chicken at 165 to 170 and this weekend was no different. three separate chickens whole read the temp at 165 each one. took them off the smoker and let set for ten or fifteen minutes and pulled a leg off and the meet close to the bone looked a bit red. whats up with that. i'm thinking i may need a new thermometer. it seem to work on the butt and ham. has anyone else had this happen to them??

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    Test your thermometer in boiling water, should read 212 degrees at sea level.  I own a therma pen it is a very fine instrument but I from time to time check it for accuracy.

    Good luck

  3. mdboatbum

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    Short version: Your thermometer is likely fine. Your chickens are the culprit. Try brining them or buying Kosher chicken.

    Long version:
    Chickens are funny. I've noticed some appear to be less done than others at what appears to be the same temp. One solution is to separate the white and dark meat, and cook to separate temps. (165° white-175° dark).
    Another is to brine them. That will usually pull any remaining blood out and minimize the under done appearance near the bone. I've heard that the way chickens are processed can have an effect on this, but am not sure on the details. I do know that Kosher birds are handled in a very specific way to avoid any remaining blood in the meat. Part of this process is a dry brine to draw it out.
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    As boatbum said , look up Dry Brine on our search at the top of the page .

    Have fun and . . .
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    I was referring to actual blood near the bone in some chickens. I should have been more clear. Brining will not only draw out these trace amounts of blood but will also reduce the APPEARANCE of under done chicken when cooked to a safe temperature. A properly processed chicken will have no residual blood. However, I've noticed more and more do have trace amounts. I chalk this up to more and more "efficient" processing methods. IE: cheaper and quicker with less emphasis on a quality product.
    Edit: ok, it's technically bone marrow. It has all the same stuff that blood does, looks and acts like blood. I still say that chicken that isn't rushed to market and hurriedly processed and frozen doesn't exhibit this problem.
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    100% true.  I was probably just being a little pedantic. [​IMG]

    Net effect remains that properly cooked chicken can show pink stuff even when fully done.  OP's thermometer is just fine.
  8. tumbleweed1

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    Probably just a younger bird.

    Happens more & more these days.

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    Based on your statement that you removed at 165“F there is a high probability of Red at the thigh bone. 165 is on the rare side for thighs. If the birds were Trussed, less heat gets to the inner thigh and can cause this issue also. My Chicken and Turkey always goes to the table cut up so I never do whole birds any more, except in a Rotisserie. I use the method below to remove the legs from the breast and start the legs 30-60 minute early, depending on size...JJ

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