Chicken Pucks & Q-View (Maybe)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by simmonsez2, Jan 28, 2014.

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    You might have done this but it was new to me and it went over great at the table so thought I would share.

    Really it is more about presentation but that is part of it. Here are the steps, pretty simple.

     De-Boned chicken thigh

    Add your favorite rub, make sure you use a rub you like because the flavor will be all the way through.

    Go to the dollar store and get some cheap muffin pans and punch a hole in the bottom for the juice to run out

    Form your de-boned thighs in the pan, sprinkle a little rub on top

    In a bag and in the fridge over night. Might omit this step but I like to do it

    On the smoker at 225

    Dump from pan when internal is around 180

    Glaze with jalapeno and apricot jelly (1 to 1 mix) and close smoker for 20 mins. Internal temp will be around 185, just right

    Enjoy, they go quick
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  2. Oh, my, my, my. This definitely goes on my must do list. Right at the very top.
  3. rshermaniv

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    Indeed!  Those look delicious!
  4. [​IMG]Looking great i must try these
  5. reinhard

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    Those do look great and i like the glaze idea with that combo. Reinhard
  6. scooter-man

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    Right on! boneless chick thighs are always a hit. Nice presentation.
  7. Man, they look good!!

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