Chicken livers!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by chestnutbloom, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. chestnutbloom

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    Howdy all! Here's a good reason to try my Q-matz for the first time....4 pounds of chicken livers!

    All I did was rinse them off, chuck 'em on the matz and sprinkle some steak seasoning over the lot.

    Into the mes30 at max temp with pitmaster's choice pellets.

    Now to enjoy some locally brewed wheat beer and see what happens! [​IMG]

    Happy weekend!!!   -Rich
  2. Keep us posted, I did chicken livers the other night but were fried. Not many people we know like em but one of my wife's friends came over and I cooked a mess outside. Pretty darn good

  3. bear55

    bear55 Master of the Pit

    What is max temp for your unit?  How long to cook?  I like livers and gizzards and have wondered how they'd be smoked.
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Hey Rich, lookin forward to how those turn out ..... TBS, chicken livers & some brewsky ! I like your thinkin !


  5. timberjet

    timberjet Master of the Pit

    Hey, I have a big pack of those in the freezer. Was wondering what the heck to do with them. Watching.
  6. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

  7. oldschoolbbq

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  8. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

    I pulled one rack out to check how they are doing.

    You can tell the doneness by the deep color. I'll pull the other rack when they look like this.

    Total time was about 2 hours. These are seriously good and won't last long. I can't think of anything I would change!

    Q-matz worked great! I would like to see if a higher temp would change anything except time till done.

    Thanks for watching! -Rich   [​IMG]
  9. Man I love fried chicken livers, if they are half as good they gotta be a keeper!

    One more thing for my to try list.
  10. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

    You can't beat fried but I'm telling ya these are sooo good. If you are doing a long smoke these would be

    perfect to sneak in so you have something to nibble on while you wait for the main course.  Absolute candy! [​IMG]  -Rich
  11. I've always favored gizzards over the livers but I never turned down livers.  Looks like yet another thing to toss into the smoker in the near future!
  12. chestnutbloom

    chestnutbloom Smoking Fanatic

    Smoked giblets are amazing. Neck, gizzards, livers, hearts are so useful by themselves or put into a gravy (as I do) that

    you will not be disappointed. Yum Yum Yum  [​IMG]
  13. icyhot

    icyhot Smoking Fanatic

    Next time try wrapping in bacon with a jalapeno insiide. Very good looking livers.
  14. Nice !!!         Jalapeno and bacon idea sounds good.    

  15. Looks very tasty! 

    Happy smoken.


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