Chicken Leg Qtrs with Q-View

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by smokinhusker, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Decided to smoke 8 leg qtrs, going to make 4 into chicken salad and the other 4 I'll put bbq sauce on when I re-warm them in the oven for dinner.

    Didn't brine, just cleaned them, patted dry, then rubbed with EVOO and Applewood Rub. Smoking them with Hickory and Apple.


    1.5 hours on the MES 40 at 230* (sorry about the sun glare)


    And done at IT of 165*, just shy of 3 hours. 


    I'll post more pics of the chicken salad and the bbq sauced one when I get them done.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. coacher72

    coacher72 Smoking Fanatic

    Looking Good !!!
  3. Looks Good!![​IMG]
  4. cvaglica

    cvaglica Fire Starter

    Wow! Your leg quarters have such great color! I smoked leg quarters this morning and they look pretty anemic, especially compared to yours. I am also smoking in an MES 40, and I had the temp set to 240. Mine reached 165 in about 2 hrs 40 minutes. Any idea why mine are so pale? I didn't brine...just rubbed with oil and spices. Smoked with an Amazen Pellet smoker with a combination of maple, cherry, and hickory pellets.
  5. Was the temperature on the MES correct? I had mine on nearly 3 hrs at 230-235* and they were right about 165-168*. They were on the top two racks. I used the wood chip tray in the smoker and nothing else. Added about a 1/3 cup at a time. Other than the temp I have no idea why yours wouldn't take any color. I just had a look at yours and they didn't take much color at all. 
  6. venture

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    Those look great!

    Thighs and leg quarters are my favorite.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  7. I would eat that yumm[​IMG]
  8. scarbelly

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    Those look great 
  9. Beautiful color! Good yardbird is hard to beat. What time is dinner?
  10. Thank you! Thighs and leg quarters are our fav as well. 
    Thank you!

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks! Not having them until tomorrow night (Friday), so if you leave GA soon, you could be on time!
  11. harleysmoker

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    Lookin good!
  12. sprky

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    [​IMG]  very nice color
  13. africanmeat

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    Yummy love smoked chicken
  14. smokinal

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    Great looking chicken!!
  15. sam3

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    Wow! Those came out great!
  16. Thanks everyone. Will let you know how they taste later, we're having them tonight for dinner (bbq sauced in the oven) and then I'll make chicken salad from the others.

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