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  1. I have finally gotten a recipe down that wife and kids like really well. I have truly failed on the qview though. Got 1 shot of it frying in pan. Once cooked, it was gone before I could get the camera and get a shot[​IMG]  Have been experimenting using pops recipe as a base. Started with 5lbs of chicken thighs on the bone. Deboned/deskinned them and threw them into brine for 6 days. Smoked them on hickory. Once done smoking, fried a few slices, wasn't too good, let them sit in fridge overnite and they mellowed out and are WONDERFUL now. Here's the only money shot I have. If sliced thick, it has much more of a hammy flavor/textrue. I rekin its where there's so much more meat instead of fat. If I slice it thin and fry it up good it is just like good ol fashioned pig belly bacon.

    Here is what I've adjusted on pops recipe to make it good for the wife/girls.

    3/4 cup iodized salt ((instead of sea salt)) didn't have sea salt.

    1/2 cup white sugar

    1/2 cup coco sugar ((instead of brown sugar)) **available @ asian groceries**

    1 big tbs pink sale

    i usually smoke over hickory till i get the color i like. going to try hickory/apple on next one just cause.

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      Now that sounds interesting. Hmmmm. Might have to try that!

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    Works for Turkey Bacon! This makes sense and sounds good...JJ
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    I'm going to have to give this a try too. The fiancee doesn't eat pork, but does eat turkey bacon.
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    What a great idea. It's on the to do list and [​IMG].
  6. thanks yall. we really like bacon and the price of chicken thighs is much cheaper than any belly around here that i've found, plus chicken doesn't bother my gout like pork does. only problem is trying to get it sliced evenly. next batch i do i'll plug in the slicer and use it.

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