Chicken and ribs

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  1. I usually smoke a whole chicken at 250 for 4 hours and a usually smoke ribs at 220 for 6 hours. Any suggestions as to temp to cook both and get them done in 6 hours? I was thinking maybe cooking at 230?
  2. Owell.... No advise but anyways I smoked the chicken and ribs at 220 degrees. Started at 11:00 am. Went to 3 pm then foiled the ribs. Went to 4:30 pm and I unfoiled the ribs, sauced them put back in the smoker set at 275, and foiled the chicken, which was at an IT of 160. At five I pulled the chicken with an IT of 170, kept foiled and put in towels in a cooler, pulled the ribs put back in foil, in towels in the cooler. Waiting for our guests at 5:30. Will take pics when I unfoil everything.
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    That all looks tasty, nice job !
  4. Thanks, it was very delicious indeed :yahoo:
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    Looks great!
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    Looks like you nailed it!
  7. Looks great , nothing better than Chik and Ribs . . .

    I do most all my smoking at 225*F , your temp. is good enough , just play with your method and 'tweak' it to your liking . . .

    Have fun and . .

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