Cherry rub.

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  1. Has anybody tried the Simply Marvilous Cherry Rub? Or can recommend a good commercial brand.
  2. when it comes to a cherry type rub, 3 little pigs "touch of cherry" rub is pretty awesome. it can be found at a bass pro or ace hardware. or on amazon of course...
  3. I haven't tried it but when I smoke my ribs I add Cherry Jello powder to my rub. Just add a little at a time until you get the taste that you like.
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    Wow! You've stumped the most prolific poster on SMF!!
    I like that idea. Not only would it give the cherry flavor, but it would enhance the mahogany color and maybe give a little bit of a "smoke ring" too. Great for watt burners. I'd guess the gelatin in the jello would also add to the lip smackin' goodness.
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    ive tried it didn't like it (I always make my own though) one thing I remember about that rub is that it seemed easy to overdo. Since pork is typically bland I like to use more rub than usual as compared to beef or lamb. So I always tend to stay away from commercial rubs.  
  7. Thanks everybody for the input. I am going to try the cherry jello. Thanks again
  8.  Good luck. Let us know how it turns out.

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