Cherry Dr. Pepper pork butt with Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by cmills, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. cmills

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    I decided to try Jeff's Super Bowl recipe. It turned out great! I put it in the smoker at 4:30 this morning, ran the smoker at 230-240 and took it off at 203IT. This was my first try on a pork butt and I got a little worried at about 11 hours it dropped from 196 degrees IT to190 an took another hour and a half to get to 203. Is a stall this late and tha drastic a temperature drop common? I just wish I would have taken a pic of my 4 year old daughter with BBQ sauce from ear to ear 😄

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  2. dukeburger

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    Looks delish!! Nice job on that butt. [​IMG]
  3. Looks awesome! I have done a LOT of butts. My stall is usually between 150-160. I can't say I've ever had temp drop unless I move the prob to another spot. You could have pulled that puppy out at 190 or 196 and it still would have shredded . I do mine to 205 IT tho also. Once I get to 185-190, it does take a while to climb that extra bit . I think just because you are starting to get close to the temp in the cabinet ( if that makes sense) . Nice job !

  4. joe black

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    Good job on your first butt. Jeff's recipes are hard to beat. Yeah, a pic of your daughter would be fun.

    Keep on smokin', Joe. :points:
  5. knifebld

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    Nice smoke Chris!

    Could you taste the Dr. Pepper? How sweet was it?
  6. cmills

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    Thanks guys! Honestly I couldn't really taste it much. I m a little new to injecting (and smoking for that matter) and after thinking about I'm not sure the way I did it makes sense. I injected through the top (fat cap). But then turned it over and put that side down in the smoker??? Will the injection run out that way? It did turn out great though. I would highly recommend the recipe!

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